Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pros and Cons of Long Distance Relationships

I'm not going to be all negative and list the cons...because I'm sure that if you don't know them, then you have a pretty good idea. So pros only!

Pros of Long Distance Relationships:
-Leg shaving is rendered unnecessary Monday-Thursday
-Also, eye make up and hair-styling
-Lots of me time, translating into 4 hour reading marathons
-Poached eggs for dinner...4 nights in a row? Totally acceptable.
-Almost unlimited Hobby Lobby browsing time
-Unlimited blogging time (this blog 100% leaves my mind when I'm with him...if he was around, I doubt I'd blog as regularly as I do now...blogging is a nice time filler!)
-The blankets are all. mine.

Do you have any to add?


  1. I always used to love watching whatever rubbish I could find on the TV all week when h2b was in the Air Force.

    Dont get to have my fix of rubbish like america's next top model when he is around!

  2. Oh yes, hairy legs. Daily showering is also left by the wayside. (Did I just admit that on the internet?)

  3. Watching whatever TV shows I want. Eating whatever I want for supper. Going shopping whenever I want :)

  4. long phone chats, when you are in the same place the phone is used to coordinate not to communicate.

  5. I'm glad you focused on the positives - I second trash TV, and would add that you get total control over all music selections.

  6. Stacy, I love your positivity!

    FYI: I live with my H2B and I'm not as avid of a leg shaver as one might expect. You'll be surprised.

    You also need to teach me how to poach eggs. I've never tried this cooking endeavor. Love it. And YOU.

  7. Poached eggs for dinner - you sound just like me when Mr B is away!

    I always catch up on my trashy tv when the Mr is away.

    Glad that it won't always be long distance for you my dear!

    And the hairy leg thing cracked me up.

  8. I agree with Mateya, sole possession of the remote. That's awesome. And lots of time with the girlfriends....think about it, shopping marathons. Also, when you get to see your boy, it's soooo much better than seeing him every day.


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