Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thanks but no thanks

Dear Crate and Barrel and Macy's:

Ryan and I have registries through both of you. Macy, we are super excited about the Calphalon cookware we registered for through you, even though that day we learned that "$100 for a charger is nothing" and that "your parents friends will be mad at you if you don't register for fine china." And dear, dear CB, with your clean and modern aesthetic....your Essentials dinnerware line is so, so gorgeous, especially situated on the lovely wood chargers/trays we selected. You know we love you!Source

But every time I log on to our registry on your sites, you insist on reminding me how many days there are left until the wedding. Macy and CB, I don't think you understand that the mini-panic attacks that the viewing of your ill-advised countdown induce are not appreciated by the 3 gentlemen I work with, who have got to have reached their limit of me wailing about wedding planning. They're much too nice to say so, but trust me, they have to be there.

Really, CB, Macy, I do appreciate the sentiment, really. But you really, really shouldn't have.



I do not subscribe to the Knot's infamous to-do lists....I would've run away screaming by now if that were the case. Do the wedding day countdowns inspire joy and terror in you, all at the same time?


  1. I'm still far enough out that the numbers really don't mean anything yet, but i will keep in mind to avoid them if need be as crunch time approaches!

  2. They inspire excitement in me, but I’ll admit I’m a to-do list nut! Always have been, and not just about the wedding. :)

  3. Bed, Bath and Beyond is the same thing. I really don't mind it, because it makes me want to do projects that I have no motivation for anyways.

  4. At this point...terror. Sheer, unimaginable, jump-off-a-cliff terror. But, you know, I'm sure it will all be fine.

  5. They sure did! I signed up for the knot when I first got engaged and their emails used to make me crazy!


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