Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cake Stands

Ryan is taking care of the wedding cake. He and my little sister did the tasting and everything. My only request was that something be strawberry flavored...the cake, the icing, filling, fresh strawberries on the cake, I don't care, just something strawberry. Other than that, Ryan and my little sister Mary have been handling it.

I do know that we're doing wedding cake from a local bakery for the "fancy" cake, and then sheet cake from Costco for the rest of the guests. It's a big money saver, and from what I hear the Costco cake is delicious.

I also know that I need to be on the look out for 3 cake stands, at least 9 inches in diameter to exhibit said cakes. Milk glass matches the rest of our reception decor, so I've been keeping my eyes peeled for milk glass cake stands.

The milk glass vases we got for pretty much nothing, usually around a quarter a piece. I knew cake stands would be different, because they're pretty in right now and harder to find.

I found this cake stand at a really skeezy thrift store for $13.50!

Ryan and I had an extra 30 minutes Sunday afternoon and found this beauty at a local antique store. It's cracked, so the price of $22.50 was knocked down to $12. Hell yes we'll take it-the cake will cover up the crack anyway!

I store all of our wedding stuff in my basement....and I was tired last night and just photographed the cake stands in the poorly lit basement. I never said this was a photography blog!

I love the base of that one.

So 2 cake stands down, 1 more to go, and we've successfully stayed under our $15/cake stand budget so far!

Ebay has some killer cake stands, but the shipping blows them way out of our price range. Oh well, the fun is in the chase.

Have you thrifted for anything to use at your wedding?


  1. Ahhh! So proud of you finding two already! Sounds like we need to take another junking trip, my friend. I'm trying to remember if there were any cake stands at that one gem we found----Hm.

  2. How awesome of Ryan to take on something like that! And I totally agree with you about the strawberry....yumm! I love the cake stands! That second one is a's so so pretty. Great finds!

  3. Love the ones you found already! I hate it when you find something on ebay thats reasonably priced and then you check out the shipping in charges and it blows you away. Just the other day I found something that was $10-15 (can't remember what I was looking at) but the shipping was $85!!

  4. They look AWESOME! We served our entire dessert buffet on vintage cake stands and silver platters. It looked so good.

  5. @Chocolate lover - hate rip off shipping! It's always on the cool stuff too.

  6. They look great!

    But you know you can find cute cakestands at target for $10, right? Or less than $6 at the thift store? Just in case money is tight.


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