Monday, March 8, 2010

Registry Success!

Saturday Ryan and I registered again.

We set up registries at Target and Macy's a few months ago, and put just enough stuff on them to get us through a bridal shower that happened last month. We knew we needed to add to them, and we knew we wanted to add a 3rd registry as well, so Saturday we set out to do so.

The last time we wasn't fun. We were disagreeing about pretty much everything except Pyrex (we have a serious love for Pyrex). He wouldn't like something I liked and I would get all just wasn't pretty. So I was hoping that registering round 2 would be more fun, which it was by far.

First we poked out heads into Crate and Barrel to see if they had enough stuff we liked to warrant registering. This was a big duh and of course they did, so we headed across the street to Macy's to check out their dish selection.

While at Macy's, a vendor rep from Calphalon (pots and pans) was there to answer any questions. She was amazing! I had done some research and had a general idea of what we wanted, but she pointed out stuff I never would have thought of. I knew we didn't want all non-stick (some of it is linked to gastro-intestinal cancers and infertility), and I thought that stainless would be a good fit for us. I knew we wanted a stainless set layered with another metal to increase conductivity, but what the Calphalon rep pointed out to me that I didn't realize was that pots with a copper bottom only cook from the bottom-you have to stand there and stir lots. The set we ended up selecting (the Calphalon Tri-ply 13 piece set) has aluminum layered throughout the stainless steel through the entire pot, so the sides heat up just as fast as the bottom, leading to evener heat distribution. The set is obscenely expensive, but we plan to cook on these for a lifetime. Calphalon, All Clad and Cuisinart were all brands I knew got excellent ratings, so I didn't fall for it just because the vendor rep was there.

Anyway. Also while at Macy's we looked at the dish selection, which was surprisingly really small. The selection of fine china was much, much better, but we are only registering for everday stuff. On our way out of Macy's, Ryan and I spoted some plain white dishes set on wooden chargers. It was our favorite setting we'd seen so far, so we asked the Macy's registry dude where the individual pieces could be found. Turns out, the wooden "charger" was just a tray from a chip and dip set...that cost $100. Which irks me, because don't act like it's something that can be purchased individually when it can't. Then the Macy's guy proceeds to explain to us that "$100 for a charger really isn't bad at all" and that we should register for fine china because "our parents friends would be mad at us" if it wasn't on the registry. Oh yeah, MAD AT US. And maybe a $100 charger flies in his house, but not in ours. Probably the 2 dumbest things I've ever heard.

We headed back across the street to Crate and Barrel determined to find non-$100 wooden chargers...

To be continued!

Did you hear any ridiculous things when registering? Did you all fight or get along nicely?


  1. $100 for a charger is absurd. We didn't register for china either - sorry, we don't have room to store something we'll use once a year, tops. Stay strong, girl! I'm sure you have plenty of other registry gifts that your friends/family will be happy to purchase for you :)

  2. Those are ridiculous prices. Thankfully, I didn't need to register for China because my mom had my sister and I select a pattern when we were teenagers and then every year on Christmas and birthdays, she'd give us a different place setting or piece to the china set. So I already have a completed china set and don't need to register for any.

    Mr Fix It and I definitely didn't agree on much when we registered. It wasn't a super fun experience though it wasn't bad either. By this point in our wedding planning, I was just over it and letting him make whatever decisions he wanted not caring about colors or whatever. While I am happy with most of what we registered for, it's not all what I would have selected.

    We also registered at Macy's and Target. But then I went and added a few things online from Bed Bath and Beyond to a new registry. We told the sales people to back off and stay away unless we asked them for their help. So we didn't have to deal with stupid reasons why we needed to register for such and such. :)

  3. That is so so stupid. There are so many more things that I really need that I would much rather spend one hundred dollars on! Wow...some people.
    We didn't register for fancy china either-who needs it? Honestly, I have never even been to someone's house where they've used it.
    When Ry and I registered at Target, he didn't really object to too much I liked, I pretty much know what he's going to let me get and what he will be repulsed by! And, he used the scanner gun the entire time, so he was having fun seeing what he could scan from what distance and such....boys, huh?

  4. We just registered last week too! I definitely wouldn't spend $100 on a charger plate. The guy at Bed, Bath and Beyond was really pushy on us registering for china too! I finally told him, "I really need to think this over, I didn't come in here to register for it and if I decide to, I don't want to just go for the first one I like".

    The craziest thing he said while we were there is to include our registry info. with our invites. Yeah, right, no thanks.

  5. I'm going to go out on my own here and say that I want fine china. I don't expect to use it all of the time, but the thought of not being able to bring out my "wedding china" when I'm older kind of depresses me. Like, because this generation has Ikea and Target and all of that (which I love), everything kind of becomes disposable. It'd be nice to have some gifts from the wedding that aren't.

  6. He seriously told you that your family would be made at you for not registering for china. I just died. I would have had a few choice words with that man.

  7. Yes, if I was your family I would be pissed at you for not registering for china. Hell, I'm pissed at you now. How DARE you not register for china. Everyone needs copious amounts of china.

  8. P.s. You do know I'm kidding yeah!?

  9. P.p.s. Not that I have a problem with fancy china - love it. Just can't deal with people saying crazy wedding stuff to make you feel like you need to do things a certain way.

  10. P.p.p.s. Sorry for the fifty comments. Shutting up now...


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