Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Registry Success Part 2

Registry Success Part 1

So we strode hopefully in to Crate and Barrel with wooden chargers and bright white plates on our minds. I scored a scanner and Ryan and I looked....and looked. Crate and Barrel is great, but they really scatter some stuff throughout the store in favor of pretty displays, which is nice, but you can't go to one shelf and see all the chargers. So we asked an employee if they had wooden chargers...and alas, they did not. They had stainless steel chargers, teak place mats and wooden-ish place mats, but no wooden chargers. As the employee was expressing regret, we spotted these off in the distance....

And these....

They were wood and charger-like....and $12.95. Done deal, and the Macy's guy can suck it! We registered for 6 of each and plan on mixing/matching these. We quickly settled on the Essential Dinnerware:

At $55.20 for a 16 piece place setting, we were comfortable with the price. We registered for 3 16 piece settings to total 12 place settings, each place setting coming with a dinner plate, salad plate, mug and bowl.

Ryan and I have been looking at dishes for months and months, and I had given up on us being able to agree on something. We both LOVE these, and they look so sharp on the wood trays.
It all was uphill from there. We found stuff that we are really excited about and love, and the prices were much more affordable than expected from such a cool store. Some of the prices are really high, but we steered away from those.

I would like to introduce you to the cutest toaster in the entire world.

It was $10 more than the Macy's one that I was pretty apathetic about, so I ix-nayed the Macy's one and went for cuteness. Plus, this one is Cuisinart, and their appliances get really good reviews.

I also got all nerdy and researched the "big" stuff quite a bit, such as the pots/pans (AllClad would've been great but it is oh.....quadruple what I would ever consider spending on pots and pans, we ended up with Calphalon and Cuisinart was another option), the dishes and other appliances like a food processor and a blender (we love smoothies, I'm drinking a blueberry/strawberry/mango one right now). We plan on having and using this stuff for a really long time, and I want to make sure that we're making good decisions. Nerd time is over now.

We still need to add things, like kitchen appliances and flatware, but we're well on our way to being done. It's weird to register for stuff that goes in a house/apartment that we don't have yet.

Did you register all at once or in little bits at a time? Did you geek it out and research what you were putting on your registry?


  1. I love those chargerish items you've found. I bet your table settings will look amazing. Now all you need are some super chic retro patterned cloth napkins to throw on that gorgeous table! Next craft project?

    Heart you!

  2. Love crate & barrel and all the things you picked!

  3. I love your selections...that toaster is super cute. I am jealous as the new toaster we received at Christmas is huge and Mr Fix It thinks it takes too long to toast bread. (sigh) We registered at Target one night, Macy's another night and I added a couple things to a Bed Bath & Beyond registry I created online. Then I added and removed just a couple of items to our registries once we had finished the in person venture. It's fun, but definitely life changing to some degree :)

  4. I registered for that same toaster too! I love Crate and Barrel. I register there and I love everything from there that I have gotten.

  5. Love the toaster - retro cool

  6. I saw those trays, too and almost registered for one, but then I wondered where I would put it!

    We originally planned on registering at 2 places, but ended up at 3.


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