Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Search

I want my bridesmaids to have a choice in their dresses. I genuinely want them to wear the dresses again, and I think that is much more likely if they are given a variety of dresses to choose from. The original plan was to pick a color and let the ladies decide which style they would like. J Crew was going to be my solution to this, but they are only offering the color that works with the wedding colors in 4 dress styles....and the dress styles are really, really similar. See what I mean?

It's basically the exact same silhouette, over and over again. Plus, all of the dresses are over $200. I am not going to ask these girls to spend $200 on a dress when they have such a limited selection.

So I'm on the hunt for bridesmaid's dresses that don't look like bridesmaid's dresses....and I'm thinking red. One of my maid's of honor bought an aqua dress on sale, and my other maid of honor is going to buy a J Crew dress (there's one she really likes, and my mom is paying, so it isn't coming out of her 17 year old pockets, which I would feel awful about). I think that having the maids of honor in aqua and the bridesmaids in red will look really good and be a good way to set apart the maids of honor.

I'm really wanting to keep the dresses under $ I'm appealing to you lovely ladies (and gent/s?). Where should I look for affordable red dresses with a decent variety of styles? I've looked at David's Bridal, but they don't have many options in short dresses (though it would work as a last resort).

So any suggestions? And are you setting your maid(s) of honor apart in any way?


  1. I got seven bm dresses at j. crew for about $80 each. Final sale, baby! Yes, its risky, but brillantly so. And I noticied they have some red cotton cady dresses on sale now.

  2. I second the J. Crew final sale. We did that with ours as well - a little daring, but worked out pretty well for us.

    Other suggestions for red: looks like there are a few under $150 at Nordstrom. Maybe try Macy's or Dillards? I bet you can find plenty of cute red cocktail dresses.

    If you want more bridesmaid-specific - looks like the Aria dresses in satin are $160. I think some of the Alfred Angelo bridesmaids dresses run in the 100-150 range.

  3. That second dress has a bit of a different silhouette than the others; doesn't quite hug the hips as much. Could still work. The bottom two are practically the same dress. If you do the girls in red, you may have more options for the bridesmaids to get a different dress, and have the maid of honor get one of the above dresses in teal. Just a thought.

    Watters Too makes reasonably priced gowns - I know Town & Country Bridal carries them.

  4. Try party dress stores like Deb's. It sometimes can surprise you, and they dresses would be well under $100.


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