Friday, January 22, 2010


I don't think I mentioned that I just asked my friend Melissa a few days ago to be a bridesmaid, but I did and I am super excited!

--Attention lovely ladies who are standing up with me July 24th: This post discusses what I am thinking about giving you as a gift. If you like surprises then I would suggest stopping now. Melissa and Alli, this is not news to you, so disregard.--

I now have 5 bridesmaids gifts to get together, but I think I have some ideas that will do nicely. Remember for Christmas my mom gave me that One Yard Wonders sewing book? In the book there are directions to make cloth tote bags that are nicely lined and have a pocket. There are also directions to make these really cute envelope pouches (literally like a cloth padded envelope with a button or a ribbon to close it). I thought that making each girl a bag and a pouch would be great for bridesmaid's gifts. I want to make each girl a bag and a pouch and have the bag and pouch coordinate, but get everyone a different pattern/color scheme. I'm also thinking (depending on the fabric) about embroidering their initial on the bag.

Have you seen how cute fabric is nowadays?

It's an Alexander Henry print from his Lorenza collection, and it's $8.95 a yard. A bit high, but I don't need much yardage for these projects, 1.75 yards max (I am way, way overestimating) per set of pouch and bag.

I should probably save that fabric for baby gifts, but I love it.

My sister Alli is loving that coral color right now, this would be great for her.

Melissa is getting married in November, and her colors are sage green, chocolate brown and champagne. I thought it'd be cute to make her stuff in her wedding colors and then she could use the bag to carry essentials on her wedding day (by her carry I mean me, I am there to help!). She has more traditional tastes than I do, and this is awfully mod, so I need to keep looking.

I LOVE this print, I just don't know who for....

So many options, ahhh!

For Melissa, I know what colors I'm looking for. For my sister Alli, I'd like to find a really modern print with apples on it (she loves apples and they're kind of Orla Kiely-esque). If not, something in a coral color. She likes the really modern graphic stuff like I do. For my sister Mary....something with donuts on it would be funny (that girl really, really loves her donuts) but I don't want it to look kitchsy. I'll need Alli's help on that one. But for Ryan's sisters, Erin and Kate, I am drawing a blank. I don't know them well enough yet to know what colors or prints they'd like.

So what do you all think? Would tote bags with a matching/coordinating make-up bag/camera case/pouch for whatever be too Holly Hobby/Susie Homemade/Cheap? Be honest! I know that I would LOVE something like this (I hoard canvas bags, because I use them for everything, groceries, trips to the library, lunch bags, etc.) and I love to have little pouches to organize things in my purse. But while I appreciate a homemade gift, not everyone does, and I get that. Any ideas on fabric for his sisters? What are you doing for you attendants gifts?


  1. I honestly think it’s a great idea, especially if you personalize them for each girl. I’ll probably give my girls jewelry to wear on the wedding day and after – not nearly as creative as your idea!

  2. i would loooove that! it's person and creative but on top of it useful - which i think is the kicker. even if they aren't the type to appreciate a nice hand made gift the fact that its something that they will use on top of the time and effort you put into it will make it appreciated! PS. I love that coral floral pattern!

  3. Love the Alexander fabric. That has my vote. I loves it. I wish I could DIY. I definately think a handmade gift goes a long way. I was a bridesmaid for a friend and one of her gifts was a tote bag. Even though it wasn't my style I still used it till it (literally) fell apart.

    I am doing a silhoutte plate for each of my girls and then a personalised small gift on top of that. :)

    I don't DIY so it will be Etsy all around

  4. You are braver than I am. I. Hate. Sewing! LOL! I love your fabric choices (especially the brown and green!)


  5. I was in Hobby Lobby tonight and they had some really cool mod fabrics, you should check them out (if you haven't already)!


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