Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Art of Registering

My Aunt Teresa is very, very generously throwing my cousin Ellie and I a joint bridal shower in February, as Ellie and I are both getting married this summer. Ryan and I weren't planning on registering for a while, since we didn't want to worry about seasonal items disappearing, but with this shower coming up we really needed to.

So, we decided on Macy's and Target and headed out Friday night as soon as I got in to St. Louis to register for enough items for the shower, with the game plan to add more stuff to the registry when the wedding gets a little closer.

Note to everyone: Never let your fiance enter in the registry information while you wander around the "dollar spot." Just don't do it, especially if your partner can keep a completely straight face while misbehaving.

Ryan started the registry at the little kiosk. You had to enter a ton of really repetitive information and the keyboard sucked, so it was taking awhile. We entered in shipping addresses, his info, my info, etc., and I hit enter on the touch screen to complete the registry. Right as I hit enter, Ryan gets all mad and says I "hit enter too soon, I needed to change something." I looked at him and said, "what do you need to change?" and he just said to "read the sheet, you'll see it." I picked up the sheet that had printed out with our registry info and immediately that he had registered himself as Ryan HisLastName and me as Stacy Poopypants.

Stacy Poopypants!

He was laughing and soooo proud of himself. The lady at the service desk told us it was easy to change on, but for a couple of hours, we were registered as Ryan HisLastName and Stacy Poopypants.

The moral of the story? Supervise your fiance when he inputs the info.

I had to act mad about it but, what can I say, it was absolutely hysterical.

We registered for lots of Pyrex, and some odds and ends, nothing big. Target was more of a fend-for-yourself kind of a deal, which was fine with us. The scanner gun was really easy to use and it's easy to edit the registry online.

The next day we registered at Macy's. The people there were beyond helpful, but a tad on the pushy side...they kept urging us to register for multiples of things we really only wanted 1 of, so we did it just to shut them up and now we need to delete a few items. Macy's had a huge selection and we found some bedding we both really like. We're waiting on most of the "big" stuff, like flatware, pots and pans, and dishes until the wedding gets a little closer.

Macy's scanner gun kind of sucked, though. You couldn't go back and look through what you had registered for, you had to wait until the end when you turned the gun back in.

Anyway, I'm glad we got the registries set up and going....that way, we can just add to them when the wedding gets closer. We also want to wait and see if they come out with any new stuff in the spring. We're thinking about adding a 3rd registry since we have sooo many guests, but we aren't sure yet. Maybe Bed Bath and Beyond or Crate and Barrel?

Where did you register? Did you end up getting random stuff that definitely wasn't on your registry?


  1. We registered at BB&B. I had heard that Target's registries have a lot of problems. Make sure that your guests get gift receipts because Targets does not do a great job of updating what has been bought of the registry and does not have the best return policy (in case you get 11 of the same thing)!
    I do, however, love that we could have found you under poopypants at He is super funny :)

  2. We went to a couples night at Macy's and Mike def. did some misbehaving with the scan gun - i ended up with LOTS of lingerie somehow on our registry that i had to remove - give them a gun - what do we expect?!

    We ended up registering at Crate and Barrell too because i like their classic dishware - good quality and affordable - stuff i plan to have for the rest of our lives and that can be easily added to if need be.

  3. We have registered at Target, Anthropologie, and REI sports. I still feel weird about it.

  4. I’m glad that in the end you got them up and running! We registered at Target, JC Penney, Honeyfund and

  5. I seriously laughed out loud at this post! I think it is hilarious! We haven't registered yet, but I am sure it will be interesting!

  6. That sounds like something Josh would do. Emily Poopypants. Men...

    We registered at C&B and BBB. My shower is at the end of March and I have a feeling we'll need to add items after the shower. Ugh...I was over registering before we even started.

  7. Hehehe I can see how you would want to be mad at him but then also want to laugh about it! There is no registry for us but I would love to register for C&B if i could!

  8. I always wanted to use one of those registry guns. It's like in the movies!

    We did a honeymoon registry and nearly everyone contributed.

  9. And the poopypants thing - Mr B would have totally done that. Boys

  10. Too funny!

    We will be registering in February and I am very stoked about it!

  11. Oh gosh! I think we had the same weekend! We registerd at Macy's on Monday. Well... let me restate that. I'd started a registry online with Macy's in November (it was Thanksgiving, I was bored), but thought that DJ should get a chance to wield the scan gun.

    Into Macys we went. Dis-As-Ter. Maybe its little Bozeman, Montana's Macys and it's slim selection. I definately shouldn't have started our in store registry with anyone but their bridal consultant. As of right now, I have two registries floating around, and they're trying to figure out how to merge them. Or delete one. Or whatever.

    And I'm pretty sure the scan gun we had was manufactured before I was born!

    Target is on our list tonight! Glad to hear your Mr. has a sense of humour!


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