Monday, January 4, 2010

Sheer Hotness

So Ryan took me shopping for boots for my Christmas present, and while we were boot shopping (I found the perfect pair of brown flat boots, they are SO cute) I kept my eyes open for red shoes for the wedding. Ryan discovered this discount shoe warehouse in St. Louis (It's right off Olive just after 170, PS). They have really great brands and the prices are amazing-they had a pair of Kate Spade heels for $100. While I was wrestling my way into a couple pairs of boots, Ryan found 2 pairs of red shoes that he brought me to try on. The first pair was pretty, but strappier than what I had in my head. The second pair took my breath away...

Love them!

They are tall my friends, but they have a little platform built into the bottom so your feet don't suffer too terribly. Unfortunately, I needed a 7 and they only had a 6.5 and a 7.5. I bought the 6.5, and I plan to walk around the house in them and look into shoe stretcher-thingies. They really aren't that much too small, but I am getting married in July, so I'd like a bit more wiggle room. They are Nina shoes and I haven't seen this style on the Nina website ever, so I'm thinking they are from a season or 2 ago. The grand total was under $60, including tax!

They are perfect, and I am so excited to cross that off my list. All thanks to Ryan, who spotted them! The timing was great, as my dress comes in a few weeks and I'll definitely need these for fittings!

What shoes are you wearing for your wedding?

PS: My friend Melissa got engaged this weekend! She's my only non-blogger friend who's engaged (thank goodness for you all, I'd go nuts if I didn't have people to talk wedding with!), and I can't wait to see how her wedding is going to turn out!


  1. OMG OMG OMG!!! I am SO jealous! Those are amazing! So sexy and beautiful and the color and everything...stunning. And hello? $60! Holy moly! Your man is a stud to have found those. Love them. I almost wish I could borrow them for our big day :) I still love my red shoes but those are just too gorgeous. I die.

  2. Beautiful shoes! I'm thinking of wearing red shoes as well, but not sure yet.

    PS Congrats to your friend!

  3. I think I just died. Those are...breathtaking. What a fantastic find! Way to go, Ryan!!!

  4. Those shoes are AWESOME!!! Great great find!

  5. Those shoes are fabulous! Wow...I love them! I think it's so cute that your FI found them for you! Mine would have been waiting on the bench rolling his eyes! :)

  6. GORGEOUS!!!! Love them! Way to go Ryan!

  7. LOVE the shoes! I'm a Kate Spade shoe bride myself!

    Walk around in the shoes in a pair of socks - that will help to stretch them out some!

  8. Love love love!!!

    You can buy some heel stretchers on amazon:

  9. Those are AWESOME! And even better that Ryan found them for you!

  10. Ah those are beautiful!!! I love red shoes! They dress up black dresses in a second!

  11. They are perfect!! Absolutely beautiful!!

  12. Stacy,

    We are thrilled that you are wearing Nina on your big day!

    We do some private label designs for specific retailers that we work with so that is why you could not find them on our site. Your shoes are actually called the ETHELA and are just fabulous on you!

    For all you brides-to-be that have not found the perfect shoe yet check us out online at If you join our email list we will send you a 20% off code that you can use on your next purchase. We are always having great sales and provide free shipping promotions often!

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    Happy Shoe Shopping,
    --Nina Shoes

  13. LOVE that you're wearing Nina shoes!! They look like EXACTLY what you were looking for!


  14. Those shoes are AWESOME. Red shoe brides are also kinda awesome!


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