Monday, January 25, 2010

Thrift Store Finds: Wedding Edition

I want to thank everyone for your wonderfully kind comments about my dress. The fit threw me off big time, and I'm going to go ahead and get alterations done now, just for peace of mind. Thank you a million times for making me feel so much better about it!

Friday I had to get my oil change and my tires rotated. Woohoo, super exciting! Not really, but there is a great thrift store right behind the oil change place. So I dropped my car off and headed over to see what they had.

There was an entire box of aisle decorations.

A pile of wedding dress sewing patterns.

Ryan and I got a lot of our milk glass here. We're done shopping for it, but how amazing would these look for a grass green wedding (maybe with some white flowers in them)? Miss Pugs and Em, I'm looking at you! I will go and buy these for you and ship them to you. They cost under a dollar a piece!

And the best find of the day, a record of organ wedding music. Hell yes!

I ended up buying some material for my mom (she makes blankets out of vintage double knit material), a record for a friend and 2 sewing patterns for myself (one of a ruffled wrap dress and another with a cute skirt). Grand total was $3.75. I love thrift stores. And with me working reduced hours at work, it's the only shopping I am doing right now!

Have you been to a thrift store lately? Did you find anything good?


  1. ohmygosh I LOVE THOSE VASES! I wish we were having a "real" reception and could use them. Buca told us that they recommend no decorations since it's SO busy in there... and I agree!!!! But thanks for thinking of me :) I love fun finds like that!


  2. Aw thank you for thinking of meeee! Those vases are so cool but they don't really "go" with what we're doing (as much as it pains me to say that bc I seriously love them.) Also, pugs could TOTALLY use them for her hometown reception...

    I love how we're all connected in this small little bride blogger world. Never ceases to amaze me :)

  3. Love that you found stuff that would work for other blogger brides! So sweet of you! :)

    I found some awesome vases at Goodwill last time I went!

  4. We aren't really using vases all that much, other than for some candlelight, but I love the idea of upcycling/recycling vases from a thrift store. 1. It usually saves in cost and 2. it helps save the earth by reusing items!


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