Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Wedding Present

Ryan and I received our first wedding present this weekend!

More a Ryan present, actually. A bunch of guys Ryan coached (our ushers) pooled their money and got us an XBox Elite, 1 year's worth of XBox Live and Call of Duty. One of the runner's mom's mentioned how a wedding present should be for both members of the couple, and one of the runners then explained that I could certainly make use of this as a DVD player (right)!

I'm really glad they got this for Ryan. Since Ryan doesn't coach the guys anymore, it's been harder for them all to keep in touch, and apparently XBox live is an excellent means of manly communication. They got it for him early, too, so they could play together all semester. It's something I've been wanting to get for Ryan myself, but I keep getting de-railed financially (work and such).

Our first wedding present--an XBox, who knew!

Did you get any memorable or early wedding presents?


  1. Fun! We actually got our first official wedding gift last month, almost six months before the wedding! It’s an electric wine-bottle opener, and we love it.

  2. Welcome to the "Call of Duty Widows Club" my friend! Josh has it, too, but I think he plays it on his PS3. Hopefully your next present is something *both* of you can use :)

  3. Ha! In general, I think the present should be for both... except in cases where it was a tight group of friends who want to honor that friendship with something awesome and Big Ticket. Boys don't generally get showers, after all (which is still weird to me). And just make him get a few games you can play together.

  4. Hahaha! I have a feeling Mr. Milk would also enjoy such a wedding present!

  5. That's so awesome. My Ryan loves his xbox, and it really is a means of communication for men. His best friend lived in Chicago (about 4 hour drive from here) and that's how they would always catch up and spend time together. Our first wedding presents were received this Christmas (out parents bought a ton of things off our registry, which was really fun!

    p.s. I use his xbox for a dvd player, too! And, if you have netflix, you can stream through the xbox and watch movies and shows on your tv instead of your computer.

  6. That is so cool. Hope you guys enjoy it!

  7. What an absolutely great gift. My guy is not into that type of stuff at all...although he is an addict to :) We have yet to receive a first wedding gift yet but I am looking forward to my shower in just about a month...lady fun!

  8. lol. My "wedding gift" to the man will likely be a Wii and the MarioBros game (luv that game!). Soo romantic ;P

    And the xbox is an awesome gift, especially for the man. Congrats on your first wedding gift!

  9. Great gift! We just got a Wii for Christmas and I'm actually pretty excited about it. We love playing video games together but never had our own system before. You should give the Xbox a try too sometime :)

  10. UGHHH Mr Pug would be alll over that. HE LOVES C.O.D. A LOT.

    Enjoy joining the ranks of us C.O.D. widows.



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