Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Sooo....we got our pro pics in Friday night. Yeah, 5 days later. How lucky are we! She told us at the wedding that she was leaving for Maui, so it'd either be 1 week or 4 weeks. I had braced myself for 4 weeks, so waking up Saturday morning to an e-mail from our fabulous photog was fantastic. But I have no clue how to do recaps. I don't want to do anything exhaustive (I'm absolutely guilty of doing a quick skim of "Family Pics!!!" or "All the Groomsmen!" posts) and to be honest, I am still gathering my thoughts about the wedding. The pro pics look f*cking amazing. Like, they exceeded my expectations by 100000x. Anyway, as soon as I get my sh*t together, I'll kick off the recaps, but until then, I had to blog about the rehearsal and dinner. Because it was SO FUN!

So I had been running around St Louis all day with Ryan, and met up with my fam at their hotel about an hour before the rehearsal. Alli packed her body pillow. Bad*ss.

It had been a long day and I guess I was a little stir crazy. That must explain this:

We're all ready!

We got to the church first. Waiting waiting....

WOOHOO open and affirming churches! I made them keep the sign up for the wedding. Not really made them but just asked nicely. You catch my drift.

Then Ryan and pretty much everybody arrived all in one fell swoop. Apparently the itinerary had said West Argonne Street when it was actually East Argonne Street, which led to a panicked discussion as to if the invitations said East or West. Luckily, they said East. Whew. Also Ryan was super excited to kick off the most photo-heavy weekend of his life. Obviously.

Our amazing officiant arrived and we knocked out the rehearsal in 40 minutes or so. We ran through it twice and figured out was all pretty easy since it was so simple. We didn't have big bridal parties or anything, so it was lots of "who opens what door when" and "who walks down with who when." So exciting I forgot to photograph it! Then we all headed a block or so over to Mike Duffys, the sight of our rehearsal dinner.

Confession: I had never once sat foot in the restaurant before that night. I booked it sight and taste unseen and kept my fingers crossed. And wow did it work out...they had a private room all set aside for us, happily accepted a cake delivery, and kept the yummy buffet stocked. It was great.

I didn't tell you all about this, but I surprised Ryan with a groom's cake from a bakery he loves. I told the bakery that Ryan loves Werther's and caramels, and they hooked it UP. Caramel buttercream frosting with white cake and candied pecan filling (they even let me drop off pecans from my MeeMaws farm to use in the cake). Omega Falcon is Ryan's running team. I think he liked the cake.

The thing that surprised me so much about the rehearsal dinner was how well everyone got along! Ryan's runners, my friend Melissa, Ryan's friends and fam and my fam...everyone mingled and had a great time! The officiant (who I LOVE) even stopped by and everyone loved him, especially my mom. Everyone was having a great time, which was fantastic because it was Ryan and I's nearest and dearest and everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Mary and Melissa tried to take a picture but Dad had other ideas....

Family picture!

And everyone loved their gifts, which was great. I got my girls handmade tote bags and jewelry rolls and a pashmina scarf while Ryan got his guys laser engraved wooden bats.

I thought the rehearsal dinner would be on the tedious side, but it was a blast!

How was your rehearsal dinner, work or play?


  1. "most photo-heavy weekend of his life"

    Never thought about it that way but SO true! Sounds like you had a great time. Our rehearsal should be a mix of both but definitely mostly play :)

  2. you two are so cute - i love the photo at the church and can't wait to see the pro's pics! we are having an out of towners rehearsal dinner with a huge guest list (65 - i know) so we're hoping it's fun and boisterous with lots of getting to know you chit chat and not too much "work" other than our thank yous and prezzies...

  3. I can't believe you're starting recaps already!! Lol, "I don't want to do anything exhaustive." Well, that makes one of us. Succinct I am not :)

    Our rehearsal and RD were...pretty good. Everyone mingled, so that was fun. I drank too much, surprise, surprise.

  4. It looks like such a fun day. So glad that everyone had such a great time together.

  5. You got your pro pics 5 days after your wedding! I'm jealous like WOAH but so excited for your recaps. I skim those "family pics" too. I'm trying to keep my interesting and only posting recaps I would read on someone elses blog, and of course telling all the funny stories of the crazy shi* that happened at our wedding. Lols.

  6. so awesome you got your pics back so early! our rehearsal was SO fun...definitely play!

  7. Wow I love your red dress! You guys look like you had so much fun.


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