Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Way I Am

Ryan and I did our first dance to Ingrid Michelson's "The Way I Am." We picked it because we're both kind of weird and love the oddities (most of the time at least!) the other possesses, and because it wasn't super long. We took 1 50-minute dance lesson and learned a basic foxtrot. We also learned some fancy entrance/exit stuff, but the entrance part flew out of our minds.

This picture is in my top 5 favs from the wedding:

And we ended a bit early (my fault), so we stood there and made it out. It worked out just fine-when in doubt, just make out!

I am so, so glad that we took a dance class. It was such a simple dance, but I had my bona fide princess moment. And it was awesome.

How'd your first dance go? Did you take dance lessons?

All photos courtesy of Gail Fleming.


  1. We had taken 5 latin dance courses a year before hand so I knew how to follow and he to lead. We often dance around the house doing funny things but we winged it on the first dance and it was beautiful. He told me to trust him and I did and we ended up doing dips and a Dirty Dancing style lift (that we've never practiced before)... it was a fun time and it was great that we felt prepared but weren't too nervous

  2. We did a fox trot too!! We had dance lessons, about 2 hours of lessons and 2 hours of practice time, although we practiced quite often in our living room. Husband also videotaped all our dance practices so that we could see were we were messing up and why. It was so much fun. One of my favorite parts of our wedding planning. Still a little bummed that our videographer wasn't able to get a good video of us dancing though. Bummers.

  3. Love these series of photos. We just winged our first dance. It went really well :)

  4. I love that song, it's perfect. I have seen another couple do a first dance to it and it is so romantic! :)
    We didn't take any lessons, and honestly, one of my favorite parts of the wedding process...but you'll have to check in at my blog to find out why! :)

  5. So perfect...these are great shots for sure! I wish we had stuck to our plans of having lessons and a choreographed swing dance but we threw it off the budget due to financial and time constraints. Instead, we didn't really do much dancing at all...just a lot of hugging and swaying. Actually, Mr Fix It sang the words of the song to me in my ear since he chose the song we danced to as a dedication to me :)

  6. We didn't take any dance lessons. In fact, I think my head would've exploded if I had tried to fit in one more thing pre-wedding, and I think himself's head would've exploded if I had tried to get him to take dance lessons.

    We did a little sway action to Van Morrison's "Someone Like You," and had the DJ invite people up to dance about halfway through. It worked out pretty well, too . . . people were already on the dance floor when the music went up a notch!


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