Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank You's

We had 3 showers and a wedding, all with beyond generous family and friends. Needless to say, we have been busy with thank you cards for months now (we have under 10 left to write and we're all done with the wedding thank yous!). While I would love to buy pretty thank you cards off of Etsy, with the volume we're writing, it just isn't feasible financially...but I can't stand to send out boring ones on crappy paper.

So thank you, Target, for your letterpress thank you cards that run $12.99 for a box of 50. They're pretty, the paper feels nice, and they don't break the bank.

We've gone through 2 boxes of these and are working on box #3:

Aren't these pretty too?

They have way more options in the store, PS.

Where did you get your thank you cards?


  1. I bought mine from Target as well! I love them. And you're way ahead of me in the writing. I'm a bit ashamed.

  2. I'm so with you on this! We've only had one shower so far, but that alone as 60 thank you's, so we knew we couldn't go expensive, so we hit up Wal Mart! I wish we had Target in Saskatchewan, I love their stuff and a three hour drive to get to North Dakota just isn't worth it! Lol.

  3. Target too...most people just trash them anyway.

  4. I bought a set of 8 Thank You stamps, 3 different colors of ink and a couple 50 packs of cards with funky designs on them from Michaels. So far they look pretty good.

  5. I ended up making mine to match our other stationery but put photos of us on the day on the front.

    It took me ages to make 100+ cards then send them all out but everyone has loved them.

    I will get round to doing a post about them at some point!

  6. Oooooooh, Jill, that's a great idea. I had some Thank You cards left over from the shower, so I'm going to be using some of those. But I will definitely pop by Target for the rest, or maybe stamp my own if I feel up to it. One FINAL wedding to-do! Well, that and to rate the vendors, of course. ;)

  7. I bought mine at Target too! I'm on my second box and haven't even started on wedding thank-yous.


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