Friday, July 30, 2010

Guest Bloggity Blog!

Back when Ryan and I were honeymooning in Chi-town, I contacted Mouse for some tips (since she lives there and all), and she wrote an absolutely lovely guest post for me detailing just where one should go to thoroughly enjoy the delights of that fine city. Without further ado, Mouse!

Hi there, people, this is Mouse from Souris Mariage. Stacy told me she
was honeymooning in Chicago, which is where I live, and I had to scoot
on over here and tell her all my favorite stuff! Sadly, Miz S, I have
no hotel advice for you at all. But once you eat at some of these
restaurants, I promise you could quite happily sleep in a cardboard
box and still feel happy and romantic.

For Chicago, you probably need both a rental car and an El pass.
Sorry. It's true.

I always drink around Damon and Milwaukee. This is mostly because of
inertia, but also because there is great stuff there.

• You must go to The Violet
, which is too cool to have a sign. Look for the yellow lamp.
Excellent cocktails; you must order the Juliet and Romeo (the third
best cocktail in the country), which smells of cucumber and roses, and
you must munch on chickpeas fried in truffle oil. Nom nom nom. Pricey,
but have one drink and then walk around to other, cheaper options.

• For margaritas and tacos and a rollicking good time, try Big
, right across the street. They also have decent micheladas.
Well. For Chicago.

• For wine, try Bin Wine
. Cute flights, good cheese.

• On the north side, check out Hopleaf, where they have 875,893 kinds
of beer. (About.)

• Clubs: Debonair Social
is fun for going out dancing but not getting grabbed. So is
Empire Liquors, where the
party starts earlier and they occasionally play Boyz 2 Men. Also,
Chicago clubs stay open til four, so no rush.

• Have amazing Ethiopian food on the north side at Ethiopian Diamond.
It will change your life.

• See Sushi Mike in Andersonville and let him make you a special roll
at Tanoshii.
You tell him about what you don't like/are allergic to and then he
surprises you. Enjoy the (oddly fun) horrible eighties music.

• Have an excellent meal for $18 at Ben's Noodles, where
their Pad See Ew will make your knees quiver with joy.

• Have brunch tapas at Cafe Babareeba in
Lincoln Park, where you can order tiny breakfast churros and do an
AMAZING make-your-own bloody mary bar for $7. ($7!! With Grey Goose!!)

• Other excellent brunches: Toast,
Milk & Honey, Melli Cafe.

• Go to Architectural
. Wander around looking at amazing and bizarre old stuff.
It's like a museum where you can touch stuff.

• Do the Chicago
Architecture Foundation river tour
. (NOT THE OTHER ONE. The other
one has no alcohol. Paah.) It's entertaining and relaxing. Bring a big
hat and ample water because you'll be out there for a long time.

• Walk along the lakefront. (Or take a segway tour, if you find them
as funny as He-Mouse does.)

• Have a drink in the cheesy bar on top of the Hancock tower. (Or go
on this observation deck, if you are a trusting person. You couldn't
pay me money to go out there. As my brother says, "I'm not afraid of
heights. I'm afraid of the dude who made the platform.")

• Have a Chicago culinary treat, a
chocolate bar with bacon in it by Vosges Haute Chocolat

• Go to Underthings
in Lincoln Park. Tell them you're on your honeymoon. Get them to help
you pick out something nice. Bring the boy along for input/fashion
show/peep show. Head back to your hotel and enjoy!

• We also have museums
and stuff. You should see the new Modern Wing, and more importantly
walk along that cool bridge they built between there and The


  1. I am dying to get back to Chicago. I lived there when I was a toddler and have a good friend there that has been taunting me to come visit. The more I read about the city, the more I desire the trip :)

  2. I feel a trip to Chicago coming :)
    Thank you for the tips.

  3. This is AWESOME. I will for sure have to remember it and print out a copy next time I visit chi-town!


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