Thursday, August 26, 2010


So, Ryan and I are in the market for a camera. We want something in between a point and shoot and an SLR, and we are not interested in spending more than $400 for absolutely everything (bag+memory card). A guy at work recommended the Pentax X90 Super Zoom Digital Camera. It has 12.1 MP, a 26 wide-angle optical zoom lens and a 2.7 inch LCD screen.

Here's the thing: I understand the difference between digital and optical zooms, and I understand megapixels and whatever, but I don't understand these things in relation to the kinds of pictures I want to take. I want to take really good action shots at cross country and track meets, and I want to take pretty pictures when I'm out and about with friends and family. I want to have enough control over my pictures so that I can work up to using the aperture and shutter speed and stuff, but I don't want it to be so high tech that it doesn't make sense to my liberal-arts-non-tech brain.

Do any of you lovelies have any ideas for us? Thank you for your help!


  1. Wish I had some ideas for ya. I want a Canon Rebel really bad! I would splurge for an extra $100-$200 and get a DSLR, but that's just my opinion!

  2. my advice when it comes to digital cameras, if you want the photos to look good make sure they have a nice lens. Soem of the canon point and shoot's have carl-zeiss lenses which take beautiful photos, and of course nikon has fantastic lenses. I would shy away from a pentax for those might have the technology to hold a lot of info but you want to make sure it looks pretty too. email me if you wanna chat more about it! i know lots!

  3. I don't know anything about that particular camera, but a quick look at the Amazon reviews seems like it might be a good option for you and what kind of pictures you're looking to take. Things to consider: for action shots at sporting events, you'll want a really good zoom, and you'll (probably) want a continuous shooting mode. Most of the cameras in between P&S and dSLR have guide modes programmed into them to help you learn about the camera and move into changing aperture, etc.

    If you want to learn more about photography stuff without blowing your brain up, check out the various articles in Pioneer Woman's photography section: She and her contributors are great at dispersing knowledge just a little at a time!

  4. Pentax is a good brand. Steer well away from Kodak - good company - bad digicams. is a great website to compare camera features.

    Best of luck.

  5. We are in the same boat. Pentax is one of the best camera brands. I think Canon rebel is made for taking action shots (that is what I remember from the commercial).


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