Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Ceremony

After our receiving line, we all went to our places to get ready for the ceremony. I cooled off a bit first...

...and had a serious look on my face when I talked to my Dad. We didn't talk about anything serious, so I'm not sure what the look is for. I took my shoes off whenever possible, they were really hurting by this point.

Ryan looked cool as a cucumber.

Everyone headed down the aisle...

As soon as "Dawn" from Pride and Prejudice started going, so did my tear ducts. I was struggling not to cry as I walked down the aisle both of my parents, and trying to soak it all in, but it was beyond overwhelming. In the best possible way of course!

The hand off:

Mom's brooch snagged Ryan's tie, so he tried to tuck it into his jacket.

The ceremony was just the right mixture of light and meaningful, and we clocked in right at 20-25 minutes.

Our parents stood up for the parent blessing:

Mr. Hennon: And now, would both sets of parents please stand.

Family is very important to both Stacy and Ryan. They would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge you, their parents, for the love, support and encouragement you have given them over the years. The ideals, values and respect they have for each other, have their roots in the love and care they have received from their families. To have your blessing and approval is very important.

Do you, Lisa and Pat, give your blessing upon the union of Stacy and Ryan and their new family?

Stacy's Parents: We do.

Do you, Susan and Patrick, give your blessing upon the union of Ryan and Stacy and their new family?

Ryan's Parents: We do.

I can't get over how gorgeous Eliot Chapel is. It has the lovely, classic woodwork but it is still simple and bright.

So I forgot to switch my engagement ring over to my right hand. I should've just left it, but I tried to switch it over from my left hand to my right hand and promptly dropped it. Before I had realized what happened Ryan swooped down to pick it up!

We exchanged vows that surprisingly didn't make me cry. They felt so right, and I am so glad that we wrote them ourselves.

Before we knew it, we were married!

Our ceremony could not have been more perfect. The homily the officiant gave was so, so fitting. I got the Unitarian Universalist wedding I had my heart set on, and it was a great fit for Ryan and I's brand new family.

How was your ceremony?

All photos courtesy of Gail Fleming.


  1. I love how you had your parents give their blessing. That makes me swoon as it is so important to include the people who helped you get there by nurturing and loving you.

    P.S. I love the ideals behind Unitarian Universalism and I think its awesome you were able to get the wedding you were hoping for. So perfect!

  2. Sounds just perfect. Our ceremony was right around 25 minutes as well I think. Good amount of time. I didn't cry walking down the aisle but I did feel emotional and breathless. I know I couldn't stop smiling but I also know that I didn't 'feel' like I was's all such a blur. Thank God for video!

  3. The church is soooo beautiful!!! And you looked fabulous, as usual. I thought I would cry at our ceremony but I pretty much held it together, until Kyle started to cry, that is when I lost it. Our ceremony was everything I wanted, Kyle and I were really 'present' and 'in the moment.' Later we found out that no one else heard our ceremony but us because we were outside and our priest's voice didn't carry well. A lot of guests complained (including his mother) but we didn't care. The ceremony was for US not them, and the party after was for THEM. :-)

    Congratulations! I can't wait to see more.

  4. I love the parents blessing thing....sooo cool!

  5. just beautiful...what a great processional song pic!!

    I LOVED our ceremony too...with all the laughter it was unforgettable!

  6. Great colors! It all looks so beautiful!


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