Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Favorites without Heads

I love this one because our shoes are bad*ss, and we all know how obsessed I am with that bouquet.

And I love this one

Also my butt looks phenomenal.

And I love that pin.

Clearly, your head doesn't need to be in the picture to make it amazing!

Photos courtesy of Gail Fleming.


  1. oh those red shoes are amazing!! (butt looks fantastic too:)!)

  2. Haha..."my butt looks phenomenal" hahah! You're right though...that dress does a good job of hugging the right spots :) Still love your dress by the way!

    I love pictures without heads too! We have one of ours just our hands from our engagement pictures and most people who have seen it say, "Did your photographer mess up or what?" Are you kidding me?! What a bunch of idiots haha!

  3. You're right, both your shoes ARE badass!!! Love both pictures.

  4. I agree that some of the best shots are headless :) What a great post! And I also had red shoes so I am absolutely loving yours!


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