Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things that went wrong

I write this post not to sound like a downer or to sound negative, but to let you know that stuff will go wrong, and that you'll still have a beautiful day. You might not even care, I know I didn't!

Here goes....

-At 1:30 (we had to leave for the church by 2:30), my Dad realized that he had left the pants to his suit in my hometown, 2 hours away. So he made a frantic run to Macy's and picked up some pants. He was back right at 2:30!
-People were late for pre-ceremony photos. We still had time left over.
-The heat index was 110 that day. We would take 10-15 minutes of photos outside, then go in for 20 minutes or so. That way no one looked like a sweaty mess. Ideal? No. Workable? Of course.
-We did a receiving line before the wedding, but tons of people arrived right at 5 (when the ceremony started), and we ended the receiving line at about 4:45. So we missed some people. We ended up catching 95% of our guests between the receiving line and the reception.
-The church had ac pouring out of vents where the guests were sitting, but the vents on the stage where we were were not functioning. We were pouring sweat throughout the entire ceremony.
-My shoes KILLED my feet. I still have scars 2 weeks later. I just wore my flats I brought whenever I could. But those heels were so gorgeous they were hardcore worth it.
-We didn't get a formal picture with my grandmother. The photographer actually got a candid shot that is way better than any posed picture could've been.
-We caravaned to Forest Park, and no one knew where to meet (apparently the designated meeting spot was a mystery to everyone), so the first 10 minutes (and we only had 40 minutes) were spent trying to get everyone to the same place. This was stressful, but it worked out. People got to spend a bit more time in air conditioned cars, so it was probably for the best!
-Some of the ushers made a pit stop so we were 15 minutes late for our reception entrance.
-Ryan and I messed up on our first dance. He had a tough time navigating my dress and we ended too early (which was totally my fault). It was fine, we just stood there and made out. No one noticed the mess ups. I'm 100% sure they noticed the making out.
-I drank too much champagne on an empty stomach and had a rough 10 minutes wondering if I was going to puke or not. I wasn't drunk, just a bit tipsy at worst (or best, right?), but I missed some crazy antics on the dance floor. I barely ate that day and the whole week before, so that did not help. Don't worry, I didn't puke!
-The bustle ripped out of my dress so I had a half-*ssed train for most of the night.
-This is the biggest one. The bartenders for the reception was the woman who ran the Polish Heritage Center and her husband. We'd been paying them with checks for deposits, etc for a year with no problems, and figured that we'd be paying the bartenders (which we booked through the hall) the exact same way. Ryan's mom went up to pay her, and that's when the woman who ran the center insisted that she wanted cash. Like $200 in cash. So Ryan's Dad and my Dad had it all worked out, and the lady was going to get her d*mn cash. Ryan and I are dancing to the last song, kind of by ourselves towards the back of the hall, and the woman comes up to us demanding like $300 (a 3rd keg had to be tapped, so thats where that extra hundred comes in, but I hadn't heard a thing about any of was all news to me and a bit of a shock!). Apparently my face just fell, Ryan's mom comes dashing up to try to intercept the woman, and it was just really sucky in general. I think I cared for a grand total of 3 minutes.

I think about every thing that could've gone wrong...and it was quite a bit, because we had no wedding coordinator or day of coordinator to handle it for us. We brought everything in ourselves, separately, and there is so much that could've gone south. But it didn't. We have an amazing family, equally incredible friends, and they all wanted us to have a beautiful day. And we most certainly did.

It was such a huge, intense, emotional, overwhelming, gorgeous, blissed out day, that it would've taken sooooo much more than what happened to bring me down even a little bit. That's why I say I didn't care, because it all felt so small and insignificant and silly and 100% inconsequential compared to the day itself.

Let crap go wrong, you'll be so up high on Cloud 9 that you won't even notice!

And the lady who ran the center called and apologized to Ryan, which was nice. Happy endings all around!

What went wrong at your wedding? Did you give a rat's *ss?


  1. Um, yeah, there was a blizzard the day of my wedding. yay. There were things that went wrong...but I was so excited I couldn't care less.

  2. Yeah I need to write this post too. Stuff went wrong and I didn't care about most of it. Key word being most. Being married made up for all of it though!

  3. All sorts of shit went wrong on our wedding day, but it some of those little things that went wrong have kept us laughing months after and have made for great stories to tell our friends. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

    Your shoes gave you scars? My bustier under my dress gave me scars! Beauty is pain and I love the pain (or is it the beauty?). lol

  4. i think this is so cool you wrote about this. most people dont' like to point those things out - but I think it's important to take note in the imperfections of the day as well - it's LIFE!!

    i'll be sharing those things on my blog too.

  5. I love this post because I now tell every bride I meet that something will definitely go wrong on your big day! So just roll with it. We had a few things go wrong for sure but most of it was either totally unnoticeable to the guests or stuff that was not a huge deal. A lot of it had to do with not being able to go through a full rehearsal the day before and not having the time we thought we had allotted to get all of the photos we wanted. But as you said, most of it, you just don't care about :)

    Can't wait to see pics from all the loveliness that was your wedding! (My post today is about a little thing that went wrong during our ceremony)

  6. I've always said the best memories come from the things that go wrong - if everything went perfectly, what would we talk about?

    Glad you had an amazing day! looking forward to pictures...

  7. I love this post.

    That is all.

  8. I think I should write a post like this too.

    So glad that lady rang and apologized - RUDE!

  9. I've been contemplating writing a post just like this (I have the beginnings of it in my drafts.) Now I''m definitely going to write it. I feel like I have a lot of little things that probably aren't the end of the world but did bother me. But the "big things" that happened (um, it rained practically all damn day) didn't phase me at all. Good for you for rolling w/ the punches!!

  10. I was going to write this post after all the re-caps. Yea, we had quite a few things go wrong, but it honestly doesn't even matter. At the end of the day, you're married, and that's all you should care about!

  11. Yuck, did the woman have no tact? That would have irritated me, it looks like you had a wonderful day though! Glad you kept your spirits up, I'll keep this in mind when/if I get married!


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