Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Marie Antoinette never said that, apparently. Anyway, cake!

I had absolutely nothing to do with selecting the cake. Ryan did it all, and my little sister Mary went to a cake tasting with him. So the cake was a total and complete surprise when I got to the reception, and here it is in all of its glory....

We ordered 2 of the round cakes for display purposes, and the rest of the cake was the exact same flavor, etc but they were sheet cakes that were cut up and ready to go in the kitchen. The milk glass cake stands we got at thrift stores, and the ribbon was from Michael's, and Ryan ordered the cake from Russell's Bakery in Fenton, MO. And wow. Ryan knows how I feel about strawberries, so he ordered white cake with cream cheese icing and strawberry filling. NO WORDS. So good. People were telling us and our parents all night that it was the best cake they had ever had. I agree!

We didn't really know how to start. Cutting into a pretty cake is somewhat intimidating!

Me: Let's just cut it.

Ryan: No cake smashing!

Me: Ok, just FEED ME CAKE.

Me: OMG that cake is so good. Let's make out it's so good.

Me: Oh, I guess you want cake too. FINE. Here you go!

Moment of silence for the cake.

It's so good we obviously need to make out again...

Me: Feed me more cake!

Hehehee, I love how grossed out Ryan looks here.

We didn't wait for forks or plates, we cut that piece of cake and plopped it on a napkin and went it at with our hands. Classy? Probably not. But I can't be expected to maintain self control when that pile of deliciousness was in front of my face!

My stomach was weird the whole week before the wedding. I worked 40 hours in 4 days and dinner just got put on the backburner, so I didn't eat much. By Friday I was too wrought up to eat a lot, so I think the biggest meal I had all week was at the rehearsal dinner. I hardly ate anything for dinner at the reception, so I was all over that cake. All over it.

Did you have a ton of cake left over? Because we had entire untouched sheet cakes left over. If we could do it over again, I think we'd literally order 1/2 of what we ordered, because we have a massive chunk in our freezer, Ryan's old workplace got cake, Ryan's parents handed it was insane how much we had left over.

Ryan blew me out of the water with this cake. Did your partner surprise you with anything on the day of the wedding?

This is making me hungry...

All photos courtesy of Gail Fleming.


  1. I love how confused you guys look in the cake eating photos! Adorable! Also I want to eat that caaaaaaaaaaaaake.

  2. Mmm cake. Sounds delish! The strawberry flavor sounds amazing. Love the pics!

  3. Yeah, now I'm hungry! That cake looks awesome!

  4. sooo cute! i love the strawberries with the white cake and the blue band - it just looks so fresh and clean - and delicious!!! i love how serious you look in the 4th one down " like no seriously, this is really really good..."

  5. omg that cake looks so amazingly good. way to go ryan!!

  6. Strawberries with cream cheese frosting? Red Velvet is my fave because of the cream cheese frosting... but I think strawberries would be an easy win. No wonder you ate off a napkin!

  7. I hardly ate anything either. Mum-in-law made the top two tiers and my Dad made the bottom layer (fruit cake). My friends are still raving about the cake - we're still making our way through the fruit cake, it is such a chore.

  8. Yum that cake looks SO good. You two are SO cute!

  9. I adore this post...mostly because I love your captions :) We had a TON of cake leftover as well. I was not excited about our cake at all. As a matter of fact, it was my least favorite thing about the entire wedding. If I had my way, it would have been cupcakes...but I let Mr Fix It get way too involved in it and the whole thing got screwed up :( Fortunately, it tasted insanely delicious! So that made up for the lackluster look of the cake. Your cake looked adorable...I wish we had done a smaller one with sheet cakes in back as well. Totally should have done that...great idea :)

  10. I love your cake. Seriously. It is the best cake I've ever seen. I love love love it.


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