Monday, August 23, 2010

Favorite Formals

I'm not going to do a big post on the b-maids, then the groomsmen, then all the family pics, but I did want to highlight some of our very favorite "posed/formal" pictures.

I got my tree picture!

The photographer took this picture with me+individual b-maids, then Ryan+individual groomsmen, then Ryan+ individual ushers. They all were absolutely lovely. Alli is still that much taller than me AND I'm wearing 4 inch heels.

Here's Ryan with his ushers, being bad*sses.

This is on the steps of the St Louis art museum. I LOVE that fish eye lens!

More trees!
The church was gorgeous inside and out.

Ryan found these rocks called The Cascades in Forest Park, and they worked out really well as a backdrop. I wanted trees, Ryan wanted rocks, we both walked away happy.

A little twist on the traditional bride w/groomsmen....

Ok, this is Ryan's cousin Mike. This guy is incredible. He lifted me up like I was nothing. He's a strength and conditioning coach.

BOUQUETS! And you thought I was going to stop yammering on about them!


The posed, perfectly arranged formals are nice to have, and I'm glad we have them, but the ones that make my heart sing are the fun ones, the ones where we're laughing or being silly or having a "moment." I have a feeling the goofy ones will be the ones that end up in the album!

All photos courtesy of Gail Fleming.


  1. Love all of these photos! Looks like everyone is having a fantastic time!

  2. Oh these are great shots. I adore the different and silly, romantic and beautiful. And the fish eye lens photo is just so great! So glad you shared these few

  3. These are so much fun and I agree, having fun is so important on that day - it is so awesome to have shots that can help recreate those memories.

    Love the fisheye photo!


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