Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No more...

I am sick and tired of sewing satin flowers for the bouquets.

I only need to sew 30 more, I'm in the home stretch. I've got it down to a science, with each flower taking 3-4 minutes. But I don't even want to look at the unfinished flowers, I prefer to stare dreamily at the bouquets I already have put together that only await feathers and ribbon.

But I want these done. I want them 100% completed and safely stored until July. I want to cross this off my list so badly. (I'm not goal oriented, or anything). So I've broken this task up: I am going to sew 5 flowers a night for the next 6 nights, and I will be finished. Then I just have to sew them onto stems, but I'll think about that part later. "Tomorrow is another day..."

This is something I never thought I'd be saying, but the ivory feathers I bought to cover the white plastic bouquet holders are too yellowy, so I went back to get white feathers. For some reason the white feathers are droopier and thus unusable. So I am on the hunt for white ostrich plumes, I'll keep you posted. If you would have told me a year ago that I would find a certain color of feathers too droopy for use, I would have laughed at you. It sounds ridiculous to me too, but they really are too droopy, I swear!

Are you in the home stretch of any DIY projects?


  1. You can do it!!! I can't wait to see when they're all finished with the flowers and everything. If you ever need motivation, just remember that you have TONS of followers and readers who want to see them finished! Not to make you feel guilty or anything ;)

  2. Check out for feathers!

  3. Not many to go now! And they will look SO good once they're done.

  4. Keep on going, you're so close!! They will look so beautiful when they are done...I can't wait to see photos of the finished products (with the most perfect non-droopy feathers!)


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