Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Have you guys entered the giveaway I'm hosting right now? I am so, so excited about it, and kind of peeved that Ryan and I aren't having a ring bearer...or I would enter it myself! Also, my aunt sent me the link to their look book, check it out here.

So I've been up to quite a bit lately, I just haven't bothered to tell you all about it! I'm chalking it up to spring fever...I'm so restless...I want the wedding to come tomorrow but then I don't at the same time (that would be quite the all nighter!).

The bouquets are all sewn and put together, they just need finishing touches to cover up the not-particularly-attractive bouquet holders and the stems.

I started working on the table overlays, realized how crooked they looked, set them aside, realized I might be being slightly OCD about that and then never started on them again. I keep meaning to show them to Ryan and see what he thinks but the whole we-live-in-separate-cities thing keeps getting in the way.

I've started on the bridesmaid's tote bags, and I can't wait to post about them! I am really excited about the fabric I ended up with.

Basically, these are all projects I've started and lost steam on and need to finish. Finishing something would make my month, so I need to just do it.

Do you have a tendency to start things and then not finish them? Any half-finished projects on your list?


  1. Well at least you are starting! I have all these ideas and I haven't started one single thing! I love those fabric bouquets!

  2. The bouquets look great! We haven’t yet finished a lot of our DIY projects, but mostly because we won’t be able to until we have a count as to how many guests are coming.

  3. The bouquets look really nice! I can't believe you made so many!

  4. I definitely started on our Moo cards - well, at least designed one of them. And, haven't touched them since (that was November). So I fully understand.

    The bouquets turned out great by the way!

  5. Love the tulle around the bottom of those bouquets - they look great!

    I find it hard to find time to start anything!

  6. I am pretty good about tackling one thing at a time before I move on to something else. I don't like to leave things half finished. Right now I'm working on assembling the ribbon wands. Those bouquets you made are so great. See, I could never do that!


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