Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bridesmaids Updates

A few days ago my maid of honor Mary's dress came in from J Crew. She ordered the Clementine, and it was a 20% your order of $150 or more sale, so we didn't have to pay full price. It looked really nice on her, it's a great dress.

My other maid of honor, Allison, ordered her J Crew dress over Christmas when it was on sale for $100. My mom scored a brand new J Crew aqua dress off Ebay for $20, so Alli will have her choice of dresses.

The other 3 bridesmaid's ordered this dress from David's Bridal

It's style 83259 and we're getting it in Ruby. It looks kind of shapeless in this picture, but we're pairing it with a sash in Ruby which really makes the dress. The dress was $100 and the sash was $15, so it turned out to be right where I wanted it in terms of price. I wish I could've given the girls a choice, but David's Bridal only had 2-3 dresses in Ruby that weren't cotton, and I didn't think the cotton looked very formal. Of the 2-3 Ruby dresses in satin (the only other fabric option), this was by far the best choice. I wish I could've given the bridesmaid's more of a choice when it came to dresses, but after the mess with J Crew (offering aqua dresses in 4 styles that have the exact same silhouette which might not be flattering on everyone), this is what ended up working out the best. I shopped around Macy's and Nordstroms and the like for red dresses, but with spring coming on, the pickings were slim. I had not idea that trying to give the bridesmaid's a choice would be so difficult! Anyway, the dresses are taken care of, so that's done (whew!).

Now everyone's asking me what color shoes to buy...I'm thinking silver? I don't know, I'm going to leave it up to them.

Also, round one of dress alterations were completed yesterday! I went to the bridal salon after I got off work with my mom and tried it on. It fits like a dream, and it is gorgeous! It was bizarre to be in a dress that fit me so perfectly. The hem is perfect and it lets my shoes peek out just a little bit. The shop had to add 2 points to the bustle to make it lay right and add a hook and eye closure, and then they're going to steam it and it will be done! My mom and I were blown away with the impeccable work the seamstress did. I'll post pics after round 2.

Are your bridesmaid's dresses taken care of? How did you alterations turn out?


  1. I'm a new follower :)
    It is hard giving your bridesmaids choices! But the dresses that yours are wearing look good. I really like the first J Crew dress.

  2. Those dresses look great! My bridesmaids are starting the alterations on their gowns this month, and so far, they all love the way they're turning out!

  3. I love the dresses! I know I would be happy with the choices/decisions you made if I was a BM!!!


  4. Just wrote a post about the bridesmaid dresses a few days ago. They are ordered and I'm waiting for them. Love the colors of your dresses!

  5. Glad you are so happy with your alterations...what a relief! We haven't picked out the BM dresses yet...hmmmm...maybe I should get on that?! haha!

  6. Such cute dresses, your girls are going to look great! And congrats on your alterations, I can't wait to see what your dress looks like all fitted and gorgeous on you!

  7. I adore that red dress - I'm sure your girls will too.

    So glad your alterations went so well and you are so happy!

  8. I think that the dresses they choose will look amazing. I love the colors and when everything is put together, it will look so great and you won't even remember the other choices.

    I'm so so so happy your dress turned out! That is so relieving! Can't wait to see photos!


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