Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kick-*ss Giveaway

Good morning friends! Yesterday I told you I have an amazing giveaway, so here goes!

Threads Remembered is a company that my Aunt Teresa (my aunt who threw me that beautiful shower 2 weeks ago) and my cousin Sarah are starting. Threads Remembered is a service that turns old clothing into keepsakes in the form of pillows.
Now Ryan and I aren't having a ring bearer, but I think that these would make the most perfect ring bearer pillows. I know that all over blog land, women are trying to infuse elements of loved ones into their wedding, and this is just a brilliant way to do it. You could have a pillow made out of your mom or grandma's wedding dress, or out of your dad's button down shirt, or your great grandmother's handkerchief...the possibilities are endless. So whenever Aunt Teresa and Sarah mentioned this company they were starting, I instantly thought of you lovely readers! Enough talk, here are some examples of pillows they've made:

This is a scarf that was turned into a pillow.

My aunt said that the pillow in the upper right hand corner was a very old handkerchief.

This was a bridesmaid's dress turned into a pillow....this one is my favorite, what they did with the buttons is so clever!

My aunt made pillows out of my grandpa's shirts that looked just like this.

Even if you're already married, a keepsake like this would be great around the house...I'm thinking reading nook.

Keep in mind that these pictures are only suggestions, let your imagination run wild. I'd love to see one made out of ties.

So, my aunt and my cousin are offering to give away a pillow valued from $45-$55 to you lovely ladies (and gents?). Just to give you an example of price, the button up shirt pillow costs $50, the dress pillow runs $60 and the scarf or handkerchief pillow is $45.

You can view the full look book here (it takes just a second to load).

Here's how to enter:
--Leave me a comment and tell me what kind a pillow you would have made if you win!

--For an additional entry, blog about this giveaway and post a comment with the link telling me what kind of a pillow you would like to have made

--Tweet about Threads Remembered and the giveaway for another entry (let me know you tweeted...Twitter scares the crap out of me, but Pugs and I tweet for our other blog and she's easing me into it!)

You have until Friday at midnight (central time) to enter, and I'll assign numbers to entries and pick a winner with that random number thing.

Good luck, and if you have any questions let me know! You can contact Threads Remembered at or


  1. I would have a pillow made from one of my dad's shirts, we got a few each after he passed away! I love this idea!


  2. I would have to say that this comment is one of the hardest decisions I've made so far during this engagement! After a lot of deliberation, I think I've figured out what I would do.

    Because I was born so late into my parents' marriage, three out of my four grandparents had passed away before I came along. Neither of my parents have a ton of things left from either of their parents, (tons of siblings to divide up with, and a house fire in the early 80s took care of the memories) but I know that my Mom has managed to get ahold of my Grandma Walter's apron collection, and we do have a hankie or two from my Grandma Landmann.

    I think to exemplify the strength of both of these wonderful women, I would like to incorporate the two of them into my pillow. Then, I would add the snip of lace from my Mom's garter that was given to her by the man who caught it at their wedding in 1967. Then my pillow of strength would be complete!

    Stacy---I LOVE THIS new business of your Aunt and Cousin. I will be passing this on! What a wonderful way to incorporate keepsakes into our lives.

  3. I TWEETED! (Thank's for getting me back to Twitter after a 6 month vaca!)

  4. This company is a WONDERFUL idea. So innovative and it would make such a great gift for just about anyone. I would probably have a pillow made from one of my mom's old dresses that she used to wear all the time when I was younger. Brings back fond memories. Great giveaway =)

  5. Such a cute company idea! I'd have a pillow made from a gradeschool softball jersey I absolutely loved.

  6. Those pillows are absolutely adorable! I love their idea.... if I were to have had a pillow made for my wedding, I would've taken from my mom's wedding dress and veil. She still has the dress stored in a 100-year-old cedar chest, in what used to be my bedroom. The veil's a different was ivory, cathedral length, with detailed lace all down the edges - and it was gorgeous! The veil, coupled with some of the buttons from the dress, would make a unique wedding memory for her in the form of a pillow had the cleaner not lost the veil...and never found it.

    Otherwise, I'm re-doing our bedroom and living room at home, and might have to do some vintage shopping for the sake of pillows. Love it!

  7. Fantastic! What a cool idea! I think I would take some old button down shirts from my FI's beloved Grandpa and have them made into pillows!

  8. Great idea! I would have a pillow made out of my mom’s wedding gown, which has gotten pretty damaged over the years.

  9. What an awesome idea! I would have a pillow made out of one of my old button-down shirts!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  10. I'd love to have a pillow made out of some of my grandma's old scarves!

  11. Love that shirt one. Best of luck to them with their new business!

    Mr B hoards way too many old tshirts - so probably one of those!

  12. Coming from Jenna (That Wife)'s tweets. I think these are awesome, and if I won I would get a pillow made from one of my favorite newborn outfits of my baby boy's that he only could wear a few times before growing out of!

  13. When my daughter was born, her dad was in Iraq. When he finally met her, she was 6 months old. I would LOVE to be able to preserve that adorable outfit she wore the day he came home in such a special way!

  14. Gosh, what would I do?! Two things pop in my mind - my grandma who babysat me from the time my mom went back to work from maternity leave until I was in middle school always had hankies. Maybe one of those?! Or my mom has this housecoat with butterflies on it that she has worn FOREVER. Maybe that to remind me of my momma and use it a future baby's nursery. This is such a fabulous idea!!! :)

  15. I love this idea! I wish I could think of something to make into a pillow! I'm all out of ideas! Maybe one of my old baby blankets would be nice to be made into a pillow I can put on a chair/rocker in my future child's room. Yes... I'm not even married yet and I'm already thinking babies. I need an intervention!!

  16. This is such a cute giveaway! Ok I know this isn't exciting, but my fiance has this Guns-n-Roses tshirt that could fit a 4 year old but he still insists on keeping it around (and yes, he can even fit in it too, how sad). I keep telling him I'm going to steal it & throw it away so I think it would be cute to make a pillow out of it instead. :)

  17. Cool! I would make a pillow out of our college and highschool t-shirts.

  18. Hmm, this is hard. I feel bad even entering because I really don't have anything really momentous to enter! I would probably make a pillow out of Ryan's old button up shirt. He used to wear it all the time when we first started dating and it was my favorite shirt of his. He always used to wear it on Wednesdays becuase when we first started dating, we used to hang out every Wednesday.

    Side note, what an awesome business idea. Very very cool.


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