Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lots of Projects

There isn't too much going on in wedding planning land lately. My dress was altered Friday, I get it in the next week or 2. I called a restaurant about having our rehearsal dinner there, and now we just need to go in and sit down with the manager and see what kind of money we're talking. I have my first wedding shower this weekend which I will fill you all in on next week. I finished my flowers on Sunday (after a marathon afternoon of sewing!) and now I just need to find feathers (I'll post the finished product along with a cost break-down as soon as I get those done).

I have a mock-up of the bridesmaid's tote bags cut out, I just need to sew it, hopefully tonight. Though I know nothing about the wedding cake, Ryan did say we need 3 cake stands (I take it we're having more than 1 cake!) so I've been on the hunt for vintage milk glass cake stands, and I found 1!

I really want to get the invitations done, and I also need to work on the overlays.

Lots of projects going on! Work is going to be craaazzzy for the next week or so, but I'll certainly keep you all updated when something interesting actually happens! Until then, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for less snow and more spring!


  1. Sounds like you're doing really well! Good luck on the cake stand hunt.

  2. sounds like your knocking things out! Can't wait to see the cake stand..

  3. I'm uber jealous of your sewing skills... :)

  4. go to, search vintage mil galss cake stands-2 gorgeous ones for $20 a pop.

    I *think* I got mine at

  5. i must've been drunk when I typed that-
    "vintage milk glass cake stands"


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