Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wedding Day Salutations


Sorry to ask you to scroll lovelies....but its in the interest of secrecy.

So I really want to get Ryan a funny/sweet card to open the morning of the wedding. Here are the contenders:

Up first, one that references Ryan's love for aging video games.

This next one will probably offend someone, so if you are a Conservative Christian you might want to skip this.

I just think it's hysterical, but I think this might be more of a I like it deal than anything else.

I think this one might be it. Because let's just say that he feels very liberated that he has held me down and farted on me before. Yes, I am still marrying him after that.

Are you getting your hubs a funny card for the day of the wedding?


  1. I found a really cute Crane card with a gator on it... of course I found it the day before the wedding while frantically looking for a card. I ended up using it to write my vows on too... I'm a huge nerd!

  2. I wasn't going to, but now I just might!

  3. I love the Space Invaders card!

    [PS Is giving the groom a card on the wedding day A Thing? I haven't heard of it, but I am ignorant about weddings.]

  4. I was thinking of getting my fiance a I might look into some funny ones!

  5. Yeah, I'm not thrilled about the Jesus one but everyone is entitled to their opinions :)

    I do love the farting one...especially because Mr Fix It is totally the same way, though he thankfully hasn't held me down yet!

    I got him a card that I asked his brother to give to him with a gift of cuff links while he was getting dressed on the wedding day. I love that idea!

  6. Awww I love these!! I just went to Target to find one. Like, 3 days before the wedding. And then I just stood in the card aisle of Target crying my freaking eyes out (and taking vendor calls. Great combo).


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