Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So...we're getting married in 18 days.

And it's getting so real. We have a marriage license and everything.

To top this off, we're waiting on some absolutely monumental job stuff with Ryan. Dream come true kind of job stuff.

Lots of waiting is going on. And we're kind of drowning in a sea of details right now (I didn't see this coming...I'm really in to working ahead, but the amount of details we're trying to wade through and sort out is just a touch overwhelming). We aren't just paying a per-head cost, we have a venue, a caterer, a's all separate, so all of the coordinating comes down to us. Which is fine, but...a lot right now. But I'm going to get a huge chunk done this week, and then we're going to be in really good shape. Plus I'll be in St Louis the weekend right before the wedding, and I know I can get some odds and ends taken care of then. I don't want the weekend of the wedding to be super stressful.

Did 100000000000 details surprise you close to your wedding?


  1. Those last few weeks definitely get crazy. Do as MUCH as humanly possible right now. You definitely do not want to wait til Wedding Week to do major things because stuff comes up. You'll be fine, though :) It's sooo close, can you believe it?? Fingers crossed for Ryan's potential new job!!

  2. wahooo! so happy to hear about the job stuff! we're still looking, but on a positive note, we found a vanagon!

  3. Hopeful for Ryan's dream job!

  4. Yay job stuff! We're waiting to hear back about something exciting like that for the Groomie today. I cannot wait!

  5. So happy for you. All the last minute details did surprise me. I took the two weeks before the wedding off, thinking I would lay around and read. yeah right. I was running wedding errands from 10 to 10 every day.

  6. Crossing my fingers like crazy for the job! Hope Ryan get it.

    Last minute wedding stuff always creeps up. What a pain. Enjoy the lead up. Exciting!

  7. I have to say, No. I had ALL of my details totally done well in advance of a few weeks before the wedding. There were a few things I wish I would have planned out better - like the rehearsal, but as far as wedding related items and to-do's...they were totally done.

    I think it's good for you to get a lot done so you don't have to worry the last couple days before the wedding. But don't worry, whatever doesn't get handled in the end, will truly work itself out - just maybe not exactly as you hoped as in my case :)

  8. yes! not only details, but money stuff! I'm really organized, but we forgot things like music for our string quartet and who's going to light the candles in our hall before we get there?


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