Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Showered x 2

Saturday Ryan's sisters (and bridesmaids!), Kate and Erin, threw Ryan and I a lovely shower at Ryan's parents house with all of the women from his family, some friends and my sisters, mom and aunt. Picture taking was minimal because there were 40 people there! That was a good preview for the wedding...I wanted to talk to and spend time with everyone and it just didn't happen. My friend and bridesmaid Melissa joined us...

And my sisters, mom and Aunt Mary came up too!

The shower was lovely and we got an insane amount of goodies. Ryan's mom put together a really thoughtful gift-a recipe for cookies Ryan adores plus the pans to make them, and my mom passed on a gorgeous applique quilt made by my MeeMaw before she got Alzheimer's. The quilt made me cry, it was such a surprise...and I feel weird crying in front of that many people so now I feel dumb. Everyone was outrageously generous to the point that our registries were pretty much emptied.

The food was super good too...Greek salad, quiche, a fruit tray and cupcakes! Another wedding preview: I hardly had the time to eat and I only had one small plate of food. Note to at all costs. It was just so busy!

So yeah, a great time...I wish I would've thought to take more pictures. It was really well put together thanks to Erin and Kate and Ryan's mom, I hate people going to that much work for me but it was really nice. Thank you ladies!

Have you had your shower yet?


  1. Sounds like fun! I loved my shower a couple months ago. So many great memories!

  2. Nope, not yet . . . but I think we're going with a book shower. I have no problems with showers for other people - I've even thrown one, and they always end up being quite fun - but the idea of people being so generous on my behalf made me feel a little uneasy. So I started looking at different ideas and I think a book shower will be a lot of fun, still be affordable for everyone, and keep our (somewhat skinny) wedding registry intact!

  3. sounds so nice! i love hearing that you go some really special gifts aside from the off the registry goodies. Enjoy the love and attention- you deserve it ( and it wont last forever!ha!)

  4. Sounds like yours were fun! My shower isn't until September, but my MOH's shower is in early June. I've only been to one shower (when I was younger and wasn't paying much attention to the details) so I'm excited for her's.

  5. My shower was last month and it was so much fun - I felt SO blessed! I'm glad you enjoyed yours! And your dress is adorable! Where's it from?

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! Love your dress!

  7. A beautiful party for a beautiful woman. You deserve it.

    I just received the flowers. Thank you so much! They are lovely, and are among my favorite gifts.

    Good luck with the rest of planning!

  8. That quilt sounds beautiful


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