Thursday, May 20, 2010


So I just mailed our invites (all but 5 or so, still waiting on a few addresses) on Monday. Yesterday 3 got sent back due to lack of postage (umm..oops). Our RSVP deadline isn't until June 24th, but I am not far away from harassing people to send them back. Yes, I'm that impatient. I want to knowwww!

And I'll post about our invites soon, I promise! Let's just say they total $1.84 per invite including postage. Love it.

How long did it take for your RSVPs to start rolling in?

Em and Cupcake, you 2 are on my mind this week, I'm wishing you both joyful, loving, blissed out days!


  1. Haha, I'm going to be the same way! I get so mad when people open my evites and then don't respond.

    And yay for the girls who are so so so close!!!

  2. So excited for the several (like at least 4) weddings I know of this weekend from blogland!

    I mailed out our invites on February 1st I think and within a day or two we had our first RSVP online! Then we got like 7 RSVP's within just a day or two after that and then several more each day that week. After the first week or so, it dropped down to an average of 2 RSVP's a day right up until the very last day to reply by. And then I had to send out a few e-mails and phone calls for the last 5-7 stragglers who didn't respond. Annoying. They'll come...don't worry!

  3. my rsvps were done online...quite a few rolled in right after the invites...but then of course there were a ton that people finally got to at the very end. Its a very frustrating thing waiting for those!!

  4. Our RSVPs started rolling in within a week of sending out the invites, and it was so much fun to go to the mailbox each day to find a new stack there waiting for us! I know the impatient feeling, because that’s how I felt, too.

  5. My RSVPs started coming in within a day or two! I loved the mailman. Our date for return is actually today, we'll see what happens! :)

  6. At least they didn't get delivered with postage due, right? Can't wait to hear more about them...


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