Wednesday, June 5, 2013

All over the State

Whew, I feel like I've been all over Missouri these past few days!  We traveled to a Missouri Association of Convention and Visitors Bureau's conference in Joplin, MO this past week, leaving Cape Girardeau on Saturday at 3 and arriving in Joplin Saturday night at 9:30.  So yeah, ALL over the state!  We just got back last night, it was a great trip but I am very glad to be home as I was in Memphis the week before last for another work conference too.

On the way, we had dinner at this insane diner called Uncle Rooster's.  It was a phenomenal find, and if you're ever on Highway 60 in Seymour, MO, go to this place with an appetite.  When I ordered a side of corn on the cob I was reminded that it came deep fried.  And soaked in garlic butter.  YES.  1st timer's sign their names on the floor....

Dessert was homemade blueberry pie, warmed up with a scoop of ice cream.  It was this good:

We got to Joplin a day before the conference started to help out with a community service project that involved de-seeding fescue, a non-native Missouri grass, to help return this land to it's natural wetland state.  Take that, fescue!

The Joplin CVB director took the group on a really powerful tour of Joplin's tornado recovery efforts.  Seeing how far they've come in 2 years was beyond words.  Here's our group at a memorial to the miracle of the human spirit, located in the park they used for all of the press conferences during the disaster:

Here's what the park looked liked in the days after the disaster:

How quickly and how well they've rebuilt makes you all misty eyed.  They've taken it as an opportunity to completely review lots of infrastructure and are truly making Joplin even better.

My co-worker Alyssa's friend Lenny from the Joplin CVB was kind enough to take us around and show us the town.  I had to stick my head in their public library, which had this really cozy and unique Art Reference Reading Room built on...doesn't this look like a beautiful place to cuddle up with a book?

We also stood in 3 states at once, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas!

I was ready to get home to my husband, my family and these sweet guys:

Do you have to travel much for work?  What have you been up to lately?  I need to get caught up on my blog buddies, I'm out of the loop!

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