Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Great Race: Rally Down the Mighty Mississippi

It's been a crazy week!  My work was a huge part of bringing the Great Race, a time/speed/endurance rally for vintage cars, to town for an overnight stop.  After over a year's worth of planning and lots and lots of work, they arrived on Tuesday evening.  And it rocked!

One of our committee members got this HUGE American flag hung up over the main street that the Great Racers came in on, it was amazing.

The community really turned out for the event.  The Great Racers were bowled over by the amount of community support they received not only in the downtown area where the finish line was, but all along their route into town.  I am very proud of my town for the welcome they gave this national event!

Also, I got to go up in a bucket truck.... take this picture:


Just a few more things to finalize for the event and I can file it all away.

Also, last Friday was take your dog to work day....

Oscar had his bow tie on for the office and everything.  They did really well!  I don't give them enough credit; they're much better at adapting to new situations than I assume they will be.

What's new in your neck of the woods?

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