Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thrifting Score

I scored big time thrifting today!  My mom and my sister Alli and I hit up 2 of our favorite local thrift stores-Goodwill and Teen Challenge.  Teen Challenge is a religious based rehab program for men who have nowhere left to go (they have the thrift store, a strawberry farm and a lawn mowing service that are all well known around town), and you know all about Goodwill.  The black eyelet tank is from J Crew, the blue gingham short sleeved button down is H&M, the hot pink lace skirt is brand new from Target and I didn't recognize the brands on the chambray shirt of the blue tank top.

They're in the wash right now....and I'm already planning how to wear it all!  Thrift stores are SO hit or miss, but then you have days like this where the time you spend makes it all worth while.  The percentage of thrifted clothes vs. new clothes in my closet has been shifting more and more towards's just so affordable, and it's much better for the earth.  I've gotten to be really selective-just because it's only $4 doesn't mean it's a good deal if you never end up wearing it! This does make it easier to give trends you're not sure about a try. I bought a maxi skirt from Goodwill last year; if I didn't wear it, not a big loss, but it was a trend I wanted to try.

Have you had any luck at the thrift stores lately?

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