Sunday, June 16, 2013

Furry 5K 2013, aka the Best Day of my Dog's Lives

Yesterday morning my sister Alli and I ran a Furry 5K with Oscar and Ninja, and we had SO MUCH fun!

I'm cheap, and I rarely sign up for races-why pay $25-$30 to run 3.1 miles?  (Like I said, cheap)  Alli thought this would be fun and I am so glad she suggested we sign up.  The puppies got these cute little bandanas to wear, and Alli registered to run with Ninja and I ran with Oscar.  I have a double leash where I can run with both of them but their combined pulling power is too much on 1 leash.  Ninja was READY to run:

The race had a great turnout, they doubled last year's numbers.  Here's me and Alli + Oscar and Ninja taking off:

It was HOT you guys, and I was coming off a 2-day migraine and I was worried that the heat was too much for my dogs.  Per my usual, I was just being neurotic and they did just fine, though they were tired after the race.

The running puppies got free puppy frozen yogurt, which was VERY popular:

Oscar and Ninja got to meet lots of other dogs, eat 2 frozen yogurts a piece, go for a run and get loved on by the other runners, and Alli and I had a blast.  This race is definitely on my calendar from here on out!

Have you done any fun races lately?


  1. How fun! My pups would have been too distracted to run with all of the other dogs around them, though I'm sure they could have concentrated quite nicely on the frozen yogurt!

    1. Frozen yogurt does make it easy to pay attention, for me too, hahaha!

  2. So fun! There is no way that Buddy and Scout could do that. We try to walk them in not crowded areas because they are so... curious. They would have loved the frozen yogurt- and probably would have reeked havoc trying to get all of the frozen yogurt there was. We don't socialize well. But it looks like you had a great time!!


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