Monday, June 10, 2013


Kind of crazy how a cute new outfit will make your day better, isn't it?  The week before last, my family went to Gulf Shores while I dog sat (Ryan and I are taking a long vacation to Colorado next month so I didn't have enough days off to go with).  My sisters and my mom naturally hit up the outlet mall and brought me back all kinds of cute stuff!

My dogs you guys....they're ridiculous.....

A new spring tradition for us is this free concert series on Friday nights called Tunes at Twilight.  We enjoyed the gorgeous weather there Friday night, and chowed down on homemade steak sandwiches, Shiner Ruby Red beer with strawberries for dessert.   The week before when we had went, Ryan made up his mind that we had to have the most enviable snacks there.  I feel like we accomplished this.

Our CSA is in full swing so I've been getting creative to use up that yummy produce.  This garlic scape pesto has a KICK to it but I'm a garlic fiend and I love this on toasted bread or zucchini noodles.  These corn and kale fritters kind of rocked my world (Full disclosure:  I added white cheddar cheese, and I am NOT sorry). Lucky for me Ryan wasn't sold on them so the leftovers are all mine!  Who doesn't love a good fritter?  Zucchini fritters are a staple in our house.

What have you been up to lately?  Do you have any veggie-heavy recipes to share?


  1. Love your outfit! You look adorable. I wish we were going on a vacation (ANY vacation)! Sounds like you are having an excellent start to your summer!


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