Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On the Table

A couple of months ago Ryan showed up at our house with a stack of old barn wood he found on Craigslist.  Rusty nails were sticking of the boards from all directions, and the boards were...less than clean.

Ryan's Grandpa passed in January, and he was a woodworker.  When Ryan's uncles were cleaning out Grandpa's garage, they kindly handed down some of Grandpa's tools to Ryan.  Overnight, Ryan's garage turned into a woodshop!  It would've taken us years to save up for the tools Ryan's uncles generously passed on to him.  We bought Ryan a planer, and he got to work making a kitchen table.  I knew it was going to turn out cool, because I think my husband is smart and talented and amazing, but I had no idea just how cool it would turn out!

Ryan also found time to finish painting all of our cabinet doors smack in the middle of track season, his busiest time of year at work.

We bought the chairs at a local antique store ($25/chair) and Ryan painted them white.  I'm beyond thrilled with how it all turned out, and it's 100000x cooler to me since Ryan built it, designed it, the works.  Planing the wood smoothed everything down but still maintained the character of the reclaimed wood with the nail holes, splits in the grain, etc.  Ryan sealed it with a Butcher Block seal.  All total, it was a $310 project-$100 for the wood, $160ish for the chairs, and $40ish for the spray paint/Butcher Block seal.  It feels like a family heirloom already!

I was perusing my Pinterest boards last night and found these inspiration pictures:

Super close, don't you think?  I know that Jess just did the CUTEST cabinet remodel; have you been up to any house projects lately?

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  1. loooooove the table! he did a fantastic job. and love the wood mixing. :) ohmygosh i still have undecorated rooms in my house... even after 9 months. time to make a lot of to do lists! :)


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