Thursday, April 11, 2013

Social Media and Work

I'm in charge of social media for my job in tourism (VisitCape on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, come check us out, its me behind all those posts!) and sometimes I feel like I've been binging on social media.  I try to unplug at night but it's hard because that's when I want to check my personal accounts.  I know I need to step away from it so it doesn't fry my brain.

I use HootSuite to manage all of my work social media/accounts/posts....what do you use to keep everything straight?

I actually got to meet a HootSuite VP (@DaveOHoots) at a social media conference I went to in November in El Paso, and he talked about these fun community gatherings called "HootUps".  A HootUp is basically like a TweetUp, where you can meet folks you know on Twitter, but it's more social media in general minded.  A friend of mine works for the local university and was organizing a Creativity Festival and wanted to incorporate a HootUp into the festival planning, so we got to put on #HootUpCape, and it ROCKED.

We had the event at a local lounge/tapas place, and kept it super casual.  We streamed my HootSuite on the wall, we had a hashtage (#HootUpCape)...

I submitted our event to HootSuite, and they sent us some "HootKits" with stickers, pins, coozies, temporary tattoos.....lots of fun goodies to make the event even more entertaining.  We had SO many temporary tats that we set up a station on the "tatio".

People even wore awesome owl jewelry, since HootSuite's logo/mascot is a super cute owl :)  

One of the groups I got to work with in planning the event put together these awesome social media photobooth props:

We had a Twitter one, a Facebook one, a Pinterest one and an Instagram one.  It was SO much fun, and we even got some really cool media coverage from the local news station (I come in at the 1:30 mark!)

And @DaveOHoots even tweeted at me.  Fangirl moment right here!  It was SUCH a fun event to work on, with really stellar folks, and I hope we can do another one soon.  I met some people I only knew previously via Twitter/Instagram, so it was great to put names to faces.

Have you ever gone to a HootUp or a TweetUp?  I need to look into doing one of those Instagram meet ups here, I think that would go over well.

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  1. How fun! I do social media for my job as well, but hadn't heard of this. Love the tatio.


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