Monday, April 15, 2013

What Happened Today in Boston

Ryan ran the Boston Marathon in 2009.  It was a joyous, incredible day for both of us.  Watching Ryan run past at mile 10 looking so strong, so in his element.  Jumping on the train, dashing to the finish, seeing him running towards the finish line on the Jumbotron, throwing my arms around him when I found him after the race.  Seeing how happy he was with his time.  I was so proud of him, so glad that his months of hard work paid off, so glad that he got to experience this once-in-a-lifetime race, a milestone in his running career.  We got engaged on the start line later that night.

Seeing what happened today has completely stunned me.  Running in the Boston marathon requires a qualifying time, one that you have to work very hard for.  It's a highlight in any runner's life, and it should be a  happy, euphoric day, a day where they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

My heart breaks for everyone in Boston today.  I remember trying to find Ryan in all those people....and I can imagine how panicked spectators must have been, trying to find their runners today...trying to get ahold of them and make sure they're safe when their phones are in their gear bags that they checked at the start line.  I remember how packed with people the finish line was, everyone craning their necks to get a glimpse of the runner they're cheering for.  I can't stop looking at Twitter and the news and the pictures are too familiar but nightmarish instead of celebratory like they should be.

I'm so sad.  I'm so sad for everyone in Boston today.  It's a wonderful city full of welcoming, kind people and they love the marathon and everyone who travels from all over the world to run it.  Today should be a happy day, and instead it's heartbreaking.

Church in Boston in '09 decked out for the marathon; the church also offered a Blessing of the Athletes the day before the marathon


  1. Yeah, it was a devastating day. So tragic. Glad you have a happy memory of the event to go back to.

  2. I was in Boston on Marathon Monday in 2009! And Jacob and I got engaged in Boston in January 2009 (crazy!), so I understand the personal connection as well. Streaming the news from half a world away with friends who moved from Boston to Switzerland was surreal. So sad and upsetting.


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