Monday, May 7, 2012

Tea with the Ladies

Yesterday we went to a Mother/Daughter Tea at a local restored Victorian mansion open for tours.  The tea was in the original carriage house, which is now the cutest little venue out there for a shower or small dinner!  They had it done up soooo cute, with vintage dishes and silver.

There were tons of homemade snacks in cute little bite size pieces....and they kept the refills going!

They had hats and everyone got to pick one, how great is Alli's?

 We had a great time-it was an afternoon we'll remember.  Alli and I might've had WAY too much fun.  When the petite fours came out we looked at each other and said "just like SAMANTHA!" The American Girl doll, that is.

My grandma is 87.  There's nothing material I can give her.  But an afternoon together, doing something unique and fun?  That's something we can give her.

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