Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I've been searching and searching for a fun little blazer I can throw on with jeans, work pants, a pencil skirt, etc etc for months and months.  And the jersey one at Target with ADORABLE polka dot roll-up sleeves that I initially discounted as too casual?  It was perfect.  And on sale, for $15.  Good thing my little sister Mary didn't end up wanting it, because I pretty much wrenched it off her back.  Thanks Mary!


Confession:  I'm so excited about this blazer, I wore it Monday AND today, and I am seriously considering wearing it tomorrow since I'm out of the office all day and won't see my co-workers.  


It's the little things!

Any fashion finds you've been hunting for a while?


  1. That blazer is really cute!!

  2. You are so cute!!

    I tried on that same blazer and it...was not good. But on you it looks so fab! I've been looking for a nice structured blazer but haven't found a good one that actually fits my body (broad shoulders, long arms, small waist.) The search continues!

  3. it's so cute! I love that it's jersey so it can be dressed down easily - I have one or two blazers I like to wear but they always seem too dressy and I hesitate.

  4. target! of course. so cute.


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