Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Books, Outfits, and the Local News

I'm loving what I'm wearing today, and this outfit is now in my rotation (necklace and all....I'm timid in the accessory department, so its good for me to wear a bigger necklace!):

I made our local news last night-a Congressman here in Missouri brought up a proposition to change our slogan from "the Show Me State" to the "Great Rivers State."  Since I work in tourism, they called me, and naturally I had 20 minutes warning which wasn't enough time to fix the fact that it was a ponytail-no-appointments-not-leaving-the-office kind of day.  Oh well!

Anyway I come in about halfway through.  I love the guy who kept getting "the Show Me State" confused with that movie where they keep yelling "show me the money."  

I just finished reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King.  

It was long.  Overly so, in my opinion.  I still really enjoyed it, and the ending was much better and more satisfying than I thought it would be.  It seems much more sentimental than his typical book.

The weather here has been gorgeous lately--we've had such a long spring--and my lucky dogs have been getting walked at least once a day, and twice yesterday.  How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. Weather seems . . . hopeful? Like any day, the sun is gonna come out and warm up the world and I can get to planting. I'm keepin gmy fingers crossed.

  2. you're adorable. and i'll have to add that book to my list. i'm a big SK fan. but haven't read hardly any of his newish stuff. hm.

  3. cute outfit! I really liked that book and had never read anything by him before (not a fan of scary stories). I was surprised at how quickly it absorbed me.


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