Thursday, February 3, 2011



David's Bridal has an incredibly affordable and lovely collection of bridal gowns courtesy of Vera Wang herself. I LOVE high end stuff brought down to a level of affordability that makes it more accessible. But why, oh why, could this not have happened last year, when I was wedding dress shopping?

That one on the far right? I for sure would've rushed in to try that on, sans the belt.

Seriously though, it makes me so happy to see such a high end, unique designer make lovely gowns available to a much wider price point-the gowns range from $500-$1500.

Do you see things that you wish you would've had access to/known about when you were wedding planning?


  1. Oh girl your dress was utterly gorgeous! These ones don't even compare! :)

  2. Yeah! What the heck?! I actually said "shut up" out loud when I heard about Vera Wang working with DB!

  3. Oh I KNOW! Right? Since getting married I have seen a handful of dresses I wish I had the chance to try on but they just didn't exist!!! I'm kinda IN LOVE with the center dress. Sigh... vow renewal?

  4. Totally agreed! As much as I adore my dress, I'm kind of aching to try some of these on. But I will NOT. Heh.

  5. Hello!

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    Thanks for your time! :0)


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