Thursday, February 17, 2011

Milk Glass Out and About

Part of my marketing plan for my job was to increase my medical practice's involvement with community outreach. So, I volunteer at several area senior center's during lunch time-handing out drinks, collecting trays, etc. 2 of the 3 senior centers I volunteer at (by the way, I LOVE grassroots marketing like this...and I LOVE that my bosses let me do it. It is by far the most smart marketing move my practice is making right now, IT WORKS) have milk glass centerpieces, like the ones Ryan and I had at our wedding!

So I just went through and looked for a picture of our centerpieces....and couldn't find but one. Um. Probably because I did lots of this....

One was for Ryan. Really. Who is now saying that he didn't drink it. I could've sworn I got this for him...

I'm sure I could find pictures of our centerpieces via our photographer's CD we have with pictures, but...that's upstairs. But yeah, every time I go to one of those senior centers and see that milk glass, I think about our reception and how much fun we had, and how much fun Ryan and I had picking that milk glass out at thrift stores and garage sales.

Go milk glass!

Do you see reminders or your wedding at odd places?

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