Monday, February 14, 2011

I just finished reading....

Lake with No Name, by Diane Wei Lang.

I didn't like the protagonist very much at all. Does that make a book hard to read for you? It does for me. The author of this book lived through some pro-democracy protests in China in 1989 (Tiananmen Square), which I was really looking forward to reading about. Unfortunately the book was mostly about her dumb relationships. I just couldn't like the girl...she kept making such idiotic choices. The parts of this book that talked about what it was like to be a University student in China at that point in time were really interesting, and I'm glad I read the book, but I won't read it again or recommend it due to the needless/dumb relationship stuff. If I want that I'll watch the Real Housewives.

What are you reading right now?


  1. It definitely makes it hard for me to enjoy a book when I don't like the protagonist/narrator . . . even worse when I don't feel as if I can trust him/her.

    I just finished reading The Bitch in the House, which was fantastic. If you have a chance, read it; I'm recommending it to everyone I know.

    Right now, I'm about 100 pages into FDR.

  2. Right now I'm reading "Goddess: The Secret Lives Of Marilyn Monroe" by Anthony Summers, loaned from a friend and it's totally fascinating. I'm finding I hardly knew anything abut her before, and it makes me want to go and watch all her films again now!

    Next in my queue is "The Secret Lives of Dresses" by Erin McKean, of fame! :)

  3. I'm reading Room by Emma Donoghue for my book club this month. Everyone raves about it but I'm finding that I am really struggling with it initially (I just started it last night). It's told from the viewpoint of a 5 year old boy and the language he uses is hard to ease into. I'm hoping it gets better because I have heard such great things!

    I just read The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff a few weeks ago and I highly recommend it. That was a book club book as well!


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