Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cold weather running

One of the best parts of running in the winter is running with the dogs! My parents' dog Mia and my sister's dog Henry love to run when it's cold and they don't get too overheated. Last week both of my sisters, my mom, me and the dogs went for a run on a bike trail and I did my best to document.

Mia is a little gray blur at the left of Mary's feet (Mary is in orange) and you can see Henry rarin' to go!

Story about this hat: Ryan was in St Louis for a weekend while I was shopping with my family in Lake of the Ozarks. We both bought my mom running hats for Christmas. I got the one we didn't give to her!

The little reflective bits on the back of Mary's hat look like Ninja eyes!

I couldn't get any pictures of the dogs while we were running...they're too fast, and they were too excited! But here's Henry coming in from the snow earlier this week:

And Mia in the snow!
Winter sucks, and I am SO READY for spring, but what is one of your favorite parts about the cold weather?

Side note: I am successfully back on the work-out wagon, thanks to a gym pass to the same gym my sister goes to! I shoot for 5 workouts a week, regardless of what they are--anything that takes 30 minutes counts, even if its a very leisurely elliptical session. Holding myself up to unreasonable expectations--6-7 workouts of set intensity--just set me up for failure.


  1. good for you...i can't seem to stay consistent with the gym. :( I know a dog would help though!

  2. Ugh. I have to get back on the workout wagon. Unfortunately there is no way I could afford a gym membership. Outside running for me! Maybe I'll try to start this week.

  3. Oh... I need to be on that wagon! I loveee working out. After a long day at work, I have trouble finding the energy... which is WHY I need to work out. I need more energy!!!


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