Thursday, September 9, 2010


As everyone chowed down on Italian food, some of our nearest and dearest gave lovely toasts.

First up was my Dad (isn't he handsome?). He talked about how proud he was of us and referred to the Boston Marathon as a BM multiple times. It was funny, and really sweet.

Then Ryan's brother Matt, the best man gave a really nice speech. Public speaking isn't his idea of a fun time, so him standing up to say such wonderful things meant so much to us.

Ryan: Here's the on button. Don't touch it, it's already on.

Me: Touches it, turns it off, then has to turn it back on again.

Maid of honor #1, Allison, gave a meaningful speech that tied in Pride and Prejudice. I cried. She also doesn't care for public speaking, but she's a trooper!

Isn't she gorgeous?

Mary amused everyone with her rules of a happy marriage. She had everyone in stitches.

Apparently when I laugh, I LAUGH. There are so many pictures of my throwing my head back with my mouth wide open. I love them.

Here's Mary's speech:

For Stacy and Ryan, it always seems to come back to one thing: running. The day they met, for example, was at my freshman year state XC meet. She noticed him by his shaved legs. If you would like to thank me for the reason this happy occasion has occurred, I’ll be over there after the toasts.

Now, fast-forward to their engagement. It was at the starting line of the Boston Marathon. They met at a running event, were engaged at a running event, and I’m completely surprised they weren’t married at a running event.

So, although running seems to be you two’s number one hobby, be careful of a couple of things and follow Mary’s Advice to a Successful Marriage of Two Runners.

1. Don’t run with scissors. I know everyone says that, but seriously, bad idea.
2. Refuse to look at each others’ feet. That will surely end in disaster.
3. Don’t have 400 running Kenyan babies. I know Powerthirst is your number one place for advice, but just resist the temptation.
4. When you have children, don’t be too hard on them. Let them grow to at least 4 before you make them start training for the marathon.
5. Ryan, let me just say keep up the good work. Continue to restrain yourself from running when Stacy mentions Mormons or Hitler.
6. Stacy, don’t humiliate Ryan too much when you race. Also, know that when someone whistles when you and Ryan run by, it was directed at your good looks, not his.

Basically, if you follow my guideline, you two will have a happy marriage. Let’s toast to the newlyweds. I love you both and Congrats!!!!

We have some kick-*ss people in our lives. Siblings are like built-in best friends!

Did you have toasts at your wedding?

Photos courtesy of Gail Fleming.


  1. I didn't have any toasts... I had a super small wedding and we went to dinner after. My dad sort of lost control of his emotions during the wedding (I don't know if I've ever seen the man cry before), so he only thanked everyone for coming and then made an awkward comment about not wanting to get emotional and make a fool of himself again. No toasts for Nikki's wedding.

  2. What sweet toasts you had! All of ours were at the rehearsal dinner. They were funny, sweet and so emotional. It was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend. My sister (and MOH) was my fav.

  3. You always hear stories of toasts gone wrong. We always joke about giving his family placebo alcohol so no one gets out of control, except I'm not joking! LOL


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