Monday, September 27, 2010


A part of Ryan and I's wedding photography package were 3 professional albums-40 pgs a piece, with 2 of them being smaller than 1. We're giving the smaller ones to our parents and keeping the big one for ourselves. We're greedy like that.

Our photog sent us the 1st draft of our albums 2 weeks ago. I guess I didn't really understand the whole process...I thought maybe we'd send her a list of our favorite pics or something? Anyway, she put the album together and then sent it to us for edits.

And do we have edits.

There are some pictures neither one of us care for, and some that we love that didn't make it in. Overall though, the way its organized and everything looks great. I think they're going to turn out really well, I just feel so nitpicky when I say "on page 33, take out this and this and this and replace with this and this and this." These are the only professional albums we'll have though, and I know we both want them to be perfect.

Did you get a professional album from you photog?


  1. You have every right to be nit-picky because you are paying for it! We didn't get a professional album from our photographers and now that I've started the album, I understand why people have their photographers do it. I can't seem to edit out pictures, I want all of them! Which makes me happy I'm making ours myself so that I get all the pictures I want in there... still it's a lot of work and has taken me a few months on the weekends. Can't wait to see how y'all's turns out!

  2. My wedding photographer gave me a disc of all of my pictures and recommended an album making website that fit with my budget. I designed the album myself over 3 or 4 nights. And then I procrastinated ordering it for a couple of weeks. I was really glad I did because they sent me a 40% coupon while I was procrastinating. Yay! My album arrived in the mail yesterday and there is just one photo that I forgot to center out of the whole 56 page album. I am really happy I was able to do it myself and for $105. The website:

  3. Oh my dear, I HEAR you on this. Although you are very lucky that yours is at least initially laid out well! I got my first draft for my album a few weeks ago...and I promptly smashed my head on the table in disbelief...I thought it surely had to be a practical joke that they were playing on was SO BAD. Like, 90's scrapbook that I would have made in high school bad. Don't feel bad about telling them what you want to is your album and you are paying for it!

  4. I am sure that is exactly why they do edits. You guys have to be happy with it. I'm sure the photog doesn't mind at all.

    Can we see it? Pretty please


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