Thursday, September 23, 2010


So Ryan and I have been house hunting for months. After seeing every house built before 1970 in our price range (it's not a big town, we had to see everything because that's just how we decide on things), we narrowed it down to 3 homes. We put an offer in on our top choice this week and we're into the negotiating process. So far so good, but plenty could go wrong. Even knowing this, I can't help but mentally decorate. Our realtor says this is 100% normal.

The bathrooms are all generic, cheap and bland apartment looking. The house was built in 1924 (!!!!), so I think that classic basket weave tile would look amazing:

Plus, it's only $6ish a square foot.

The kitchen is screaming for a backsplash, and I LOVE subway tile.

We also need furniture....have you seen how much furniture costs? Luckily, Ryan is super handy, AND I found a blog that has furniture plans based on popular projects so you can build them! Ryan also doesn't work during the summer (his coaching job is a 10 month position) so I'm thinking that he'll have plenty of time to make some furniture, right? Right Ryan? I'm just kidding, I worked set crew in high school and I am super handy. Plus, measuring fabric and sewing can't be that much different than measuring wood and cutting it.

Let's be honest, Ryan isn't going to let me go near his power tools.

Moving on!

This headboard was a door:

Very doable.

I have big plans my friends, big plans. But first things first, scoring the house.

I'll keep you posted!

Are you house hunting?


  1. Oh that's so exciting! I hope you get it! Josh and I are not house hunting and probably won't for quite awhile. Although I'd love to have a house, and we could *probably* afford a tiny little one (home prices in our area are outrageous), we're content in our apartment for now. So I'll just live vicariously through you! Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  2. Andy is building everything right now for o ur place....he built the bed frame and was planning on using a door as a headboard! What was that website?

  3. No, no house hunting for us, but have you heard about Young House Love? It's one of my favorite sites . . . go check out the archives. It's a young couple who bought their first house a few years ago and then renovated it . . . and created a site in the process. Click through if you've got some time.

  4. SO excited for you! House hunting is so much fun, but so stressful and nerveracking. I really hope this one works out for you! Our house was built in 1925 and I just love it - The bathroom and kitchen have been updated, but it still has the same charm.

    Also, I'd definitely second the suggestion of Young House Love - They have SO many great tutorials (including a couple for headboards!) and projects that you're likely to run into with an older home. I love that blog!

  5. Oh how exciting! We still don't have a move in date for our new place - we've had so much drama. But the owners accepted our first offer + $5000 (which we figured was not much in the grand scheme of things).

    Our place was built in 1924 too! Old places are the best.


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