Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ryan kept telling me that he had something "hilarious" planned for the garter toss, and he wouldn't tell me what it was. Anyway, he was the ultimate gentleman, despite his warnings, and the garter toss went off without anyone's head up my dress or something equally awkward.

Once again, another odd choice for "the next to be married"...Ryan's cousin Mike laughs when he talks about marriage. Though he is dating a lovely woman...

I was pleasantly shenanigans and fun all around. I'm also glad that I didn't spend very much money on the garter since you toss it and all.

Did you do the traditional garter toss?

All photos courtesy of Gail Fleming.


  1. Oh yea - I read up on that tradition and was pleasantly surprised on the background. For a young bride and groom like us, a lot of our friends are single (not-married) and they love this tradition.

    I LOVE your red shoes. Those are awesome :)

  2. yes...only because my husband really wanted to.


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