Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Disc golf, a jacket and a haircut

Sunday night we played disc golf at my favorite park; my family minus Mary, Ryan and all four dogs.  It was Mia's first big outing since she got her eye and a big chunk of her brain tumor removed.  Seeing her so spunky, so back to herself, so joyful about life was amazing.  I guess she had been feeling poorly for longer than I realized, and as hard of a decision as it was to get her eye out, it seems to have tremendously improved her quality of life.

My mom is the dog whisperer.

Disc Golf.

I saw this at Wal Mart and now my niece is getting a Halloween present.  And it was only $3.25?!

It's cooler in the mornings, finally, though we're still getting up in the upper 70s by afternoon.  I'll use any excuse to wear my new trench coat, I'd been on the hunt for a khaki, short to mid length trench coat for a while:

Also I got my hair cut!  I got about 3 inches cut off and some layers put in on Saturday.  It looks MUCH healthier and put together, versus way too long and awfully scraggly.  

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  1. What a trooper! I hope she is feeling much better now! And your hair looks fabulous :)


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